Friday, March 8, 2019

They was acting bad......

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons.... 
OH! The irony. 
Swerving Down Ratcine’s Roads With Dopee and Nopee 
OH! So sweet. and so... Sad for taxpaying Residents and Businesses. 
No Friend of Openness (“Dopee & Nopee”):  Leading the City of Ratcine 
to Bankruptcy. 
Officials including City Attorney Scott Letteney and Mayor Cory Mason, 
wasted more than $75,000 of taxpayers’ money on an unwise and 
ultimately failed effort to prevent the public from seeing 
run-of-the-mill emails and other records. Letteney’s office even at 
one point claimed it could not release records showing how much the 
city was spending on outside counsel for this foolish fight. The city 
trampled its citizens’ right to public information — and then made 
them foot the bill for it. 
*THANK YOU* Alderperson  Sandy Weidner for standing up and standing 
tall for Racine's underpaid, hardworking, often privately employed, 
taxpaying Residents and Small Businesses...  Sandy is an Angel of 
Light in a City enveloped by Darkness. 
Whistleblower of the Year (“Whoopee”): Sandra Weidner 
Not only did this Racine alderperson file suit over her city’s efforts 
to claim that some of her own email exchanges with constituents could 
not be made public because they dealt with advice from the city 
attorney’s office, she was actually cited for contempt of court for 
disclosing information about her case, which a Racine County judge 
decided to conduct in secret. After media groups intervened, virtually 
all of the case records were made public. But Weidner has spent tens 
of thousands of dollars to prevent the public from being kept in the 
dark about its right to know. 
Dopee and Nopee need to go. 
Write in Sandy Weidner for Mayor - April 2, 2019. 
Tim & Cindy 


TSE said...

Bad Actors RULE City of Ratcine!

TSE said...

Cory Mason - the Garden Gnome - is disguised EVIL portrayed as somehow cute.

He's no Garden Nome.

He's Pure EVIL.