Saturday, June 6, 2020

Meet Thomas Holmes

Dear City of Racine Common Council, Mayor, and Spokesperson,

" The City of Racine, i.e City Hall, moved in an action, UNDER THE
COLOR OF LAW to close down Park 6. In doing so, one of the chief
Actors, Chief Kurt Whalen submitted a complaint, but would not swear
to it. Chief Kurt Whalen knew the law, and didn’t want to commit
perjury – the City Attorney approved the action anyway, and it the
action commenced – despite having a fatal flaw. The gamble was that
Thomas Holmes would not see that flaw, and allow the action to
proceed. That action was challenged in a court of law, and overturned.
NOW we have a situation, where, a number of City of Racine officials
CONSPIRED to deprive Thomas Holmes of his property and rights.

The problems in Racine start with City Hall.


Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

Why was Robert Weber, the Racine City Attorney who allowed the Rights of Thomas Holmes to be violated, and actively participated in the case, never fired, or disciplined?

Truth is, Robert Weber retired - with a taxpayer funded pension plus bennies, and then the Racine Common Council would allow him to double dip and appoint him to the Office of Municipal Judge!

"RACINE — Rob Weber will once again strike the gavel in Racine Municipal Court.

On Tuesday, Racine’s City Council selected the former municipal judge and former city attorney at a special meeting to fill the municipal judge position. The council then voted that his starting date will be April 1.

Weber publicly announced his interest in the position shortly after Rebecca Mason’s announcement in January that she was stepping down. Weber will serve through April 2020, when the post is next scheduled to be up for election and will receive a salary of $60,000 plus benefits. He told the council he does plan on running for re-election.

“This community has been so good to me for so many years,” said Weber. “I would love to finish my career in public service.”"

And while Robert Weber pledged to " He told the council he does plan on running for re-election". He lied yet again!

"Municipal Judge Robert Weber ran unopposed for the seat he was nominated to after former Municipal Judge Rebecca Mason stepped down a little over a year ago. He received 10,244 votes for re-election".

Things which make one go hmmm............