Monday, September 6, 2021

Racine Brewing Company closing soon; blame pandemic-driven losses

From Fox6Now:

The owners of Racine Brewing Company are shutting down later this month. A pandemic-driven loss in revenue is to blame. But the owners are advocating for other small businesses before their doors close for good.

Behind the bar of their Main Street taproom, Andy and Angie Molina beam with pride.

"We always talked about opening the brewery," Andy said.

Angie and Andy Molina

The pair each switched careers to chase a lifelong dream – opening the Racine Brewing Company in March 2018.

"I remember being so nervous worrying that people weren't gonna like our beer," Angie said.

Beyond beer, the Molinas brewed a sense of community. It is why they started the business in the first place – to bring people together. Unfortunately, that is the same reason the Molinas are closing down.

"We couldn't even fill that many seats. It was a huge struggle," Andy said.

Crowds that once filled the taproom are not as consistent amid the pandemic. It is why the pair took to Facebook on Saturday with the following message.

They hope to inspire customers to support the locally-owned businesses the same way they did before the pandemic. 

"Know that your local business owners love you. They love being a part of your community. They love serving you, and um, show the love back," Angie said.

Right now, the Molinas are planning on Sept. 30 being their last day of business in Racine. That date could be pushed up if those kegs run dry before then.

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