Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Sensible Suggestion Concerning Infant Mortality

Use the $10 million to hire surrogate mothers to conceive and carry the babies to term for these unfortunate individuals. After birthing the infants and nurturing them for awhile, the surrogate mothers could then turn them over to the alcoholics, addicts, child abusers, and other assorted ne'er-do-wells who need babies in order to ensure their continued welfare benefits.

Win-win for everybody.


OrbsCorbs said...

Animals know instinctively how to care for their young, but somehow certain humans just can't seem to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

"Use the $10 million to hire surrogate mothers to conceive and carry the babies"?!!!!! Jesus Orbs! Don't give the politicians any more ideas!!!!

OrbsCorbs said...

Screw mayor, I'm running for governor.

kkdither said...

I don't know orbs. I can not even be cynical about this tragedy.

What is central to reducing these awful statistics is education. I think it was said best in the article. "One of the best ways to lower infant mortality is to reduce unwanted pregnancies." We are failing, failing, failing at this.

Another part of the equation is that having children as children is no longer culturally shunned. Children are exposed to way too much at very young ages through media, television, rediculous music lyrics and the push for retail sales of sexy clothing to children. Poverty and lack of a proper home life is a significant factor as well. It perpetuates itself.

I feel very strongly about providing birth control to those who seek it. They are going to have sex with or without. The cost of education and supplies is minimal compared to long term care of mothers and the children who are unplanned and unwanted.

One student told me a while back that when Planned Parenthood was moved to Main Street, young girls of color could no longer go there without fear of being seen entering the building. Is anyone in charge of this operation aware of that issue?

OrbsCorbs said...

It wasn't meant as cynicism so much as satire, in the vein of Jonathan Swift. It is INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS to even the most ignorant member of society what the problem is here. But political correctness no longer allows us to speak the truth. In fact, in America today you will be shouted down and denounced if you dare speak the truth.

My satire was meant to mock the lengths that some people will go to to avoid the truth, much like my suggestion that filling Monument Square with sand was so that the politicians could stick their heads in it.

I'm sorry, I'm passionate about language. Language is the kernel of intelligence and consciousness. It is perhaps the only thing that connects us to God. And it is constantly abused and rendered by pigs who lie and lie and lie and then lie more to us for their own selfish ends.

I'm not joking about dying babies here - I'm mocking the assholes who create this situation to exist in the first place, and then cry to us about it.

OrbsCorbs said...

Why would women of color be afraid of being seen going into Planned Parenthood? I lived right next door to Planned Parenthood for 12 years. My apartment looked out onto their parking lot. Hell, I even did landscape work for them in return for a parking place.

The parking lot is in back of the building. There is a rear entrance. I saw thousands of "women" (mostly girls) go there. PP would hand out condoms and then the clients would drape them on the metal fence in front of our building. Documentation and pamphlets were thrown to the ground as soon as they left the building. I know. I picked up all that crap.

OrbsCorbs said...

Oh, and their boyfriends like to blast rap music while they wait in the car in the parking lot. That's when I got a bullhorn. When they hear that, they assume it's the cops and get real quiet real quick.

OrbsCorbs said...

Or is it that any young person is afraid of being seen going there (and thus tacitly admitting that they are sexually active)?

In that case, yes, move it. Hide it, whatever, but please stop making babies you cannot and/or will not care for.

kkdither said...

I wasn't attacking you personally orbs. I knew what it was you were doing. I just think we play the Nancy Reagan game of "just say no" concerning children, then are surprised when they get pregnant.

Is the rear entrance something that patrons are aware of and can they enter there or is that for the workers?

I was told that if someone drove down main street and saw one of these girls entering... it was all over church and spread to the parents. That is a huge deterrent to using the services.

I know for a fact that you just don't walk in and get free supplies. You are counseled, you receive health screenings for stds and other infections. You are educated whether you want it or not. It is a marvelous program.

SER said...

I have talked with some younger people and some of the girls feel if they become pregnant, their “man” will not leave them! Who puts these ideas in their heads?

Everyone is titled to making mistake, if you want to call it that, but from then on, until they can prove they are capable of raising a child, the should be REQUIRED to take some type of birth control. If they become pregnant again, to bad so sad, no more money for you. The taxpayers of Wisconsin should not have to pay for a second child. Only help for the first.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not just blaming the girls. Additonally, the boys, if they fail to support the child, they should be require to have a vasectomy. They have their ONE child, they do not need anymore.

In China you are allow ONE and the government will help. If you have another, they TAKE AWAY some of the money they where giving to them!

We hear about education, education, education, well it appears it is not working, look at the numbers, it shows!

It is time to stop handouts. Handouts do not educate people it makes them greedier!

OKIE said...

I'm with SER. If any one of us go to a bank for a loan, we all know that we sign an agreement to pay the money back. If you go apply for welfare because you are pregnant and unmarried, then the agreement the government makes with them is, "fine, we will support your baby if you go to the Dr. and receive the implant that will prevent another birth for 5 years." Otherwise you and your boyfriend will be taking on that responsiblity.
Do you think it would stop anyone?

As for the education part, until you get the religious right to face reality that teens are having sex and we need to educate them about it, nothing will happen.

OrbsCorbs said...

kk, the rear entrance is a workers' entrance, but my understanding was that if you asked or had special needs, they would accommodate you. I only really knew one worker there - my dealings were more with the landlord.

I have to admit that I never thought that rumours or gossip might keep some people away. Move it then, to some side street or something. I know they rent, so it should be possible.

I know you weren't jumping down my throat. I just wanted to clarify for the sarcasm-impaired in our audience. I used to post all sorts of satire on the Journal Times site and was amazed at how many people didn't get it. Meanwhile, I'd post the edgiest stuff on a forum where young people hang out and they'd get it in an instant.

And I have to agree with SER. We are subsidizing people to reproduce exponentially, and then those children grow to do the same thing.

OrbsCorbs said...

Btw, I realize that few of these comments actually address the issue of a high infant mortality rate among people of color in Racine, so I just want to go on record as saying, yes, of course it is because white people sit around and conspire to make life more difficult for others. Life is very, very easy for white people and we have nothing better to do than think up ways of harming our neighbors. If you figure out how we're undermining the health of your babies, we'll just come up with another way to ruin things for you. That's just the way honkies are . . .

cyndi said...

You can get free condoms and literature from PP and the Health Dept without any counseling (worked at both places). The problem with Panned Parenthood is that it's very challenging to get an appointment (Racine hardly ever answers its phone and last check, their phones didn't record messages). I've been trying to get my daughter's friend set up with contraception before she, too, becomes another statistic (she's an emancipated minor, has no parents of her own)... interesting discussion about our refusal to discuss racial issues honestly at my favorite blog site:
The problem tho with giving kids contraceptives is that if they lack the character qualities allowing them to wait until they're older to engage in a pretty adult activity, they also lack the maturity to use the methods correctly, and they get pregnant anyway (working at PP was DISMAL for this; you would flap your gums for hours to provide education for these girls, give them their pills/condoms/patches and they almost always came in a couple months later for their positive pregnancy tests... not to mention a raging case of chlamydia. After a while you just felt it was pretty hopeless..)

OrbsCorbs said...

I was just rereading the comments. It sounds like I said I saw thousands of girls go into the rear entrance of PP. That's not what I meant. I saw thousands of girls go into PP.

Cyndi, yes, that's very discouraging. I certainly don't have answers. Somehow, stable, loving homes have to be created for these children. (And while the infant mortality rate is higher for black children, I'm talking about all races here.) But I have no idea of how to achieve that.