Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Beer: The Brew that made Milwaukee famous, soon to make Racine & Wisconsin infamous!"

I can't believe this. Just a few hours before yesterday's first Friday, the city informed Mark F;ynn, owner of D.P. Wigley Co., 234 Wisonsin Ave., that they could not serve beer. "Hop To It" is a business within D. P. Wigley that caters to home brewers and wine makers. The Belle City Brewers group was going to hold a fundraiser there for the Racine Urban Garden Network yesterday. They meet at Hop To It to compare their homemade brews. They are the backbone of the Great Lakes Brew Fest, which draws tourists and money to Racine. The fest is now in limbo.

I know Mark and Chris Flynn at D. P. Wigley. I don't think you could find two bigger boosters for the city of Racine. What they have done with the business and building since they took it over is remarakable. They are always postive about Rcine. always promoting the city, always trying to engage their customers in positive action. Even their politics are "right" for the current adminstration. I just don't understand why they're being targeted. Shops and galleries throughout downtown offer wine and beer at events on Frist Fridays and at other times.

Mark Flynn's Facebook page on the beer bust:!/notes/mark-flynn/beer-the-brew-that-made-milwaukee-famous-soon-to-make-racine-wisconsin-infamous/205516592800250

RacineUncovered's story:

And, as always, the Journal times is completely MIA on stories of local merit. They might catcvh up in a day or two after asking lying John what they should write . . .


Toad said...

I can almost bet It pissed one of the Downtown businessmen/women off who thus complained to the city which was forced to uphold the law.

My brother once had a clothing store in downtown Racine, and was going to hold a Grand Opening with Apps. etc. They were NOT allowed to do so since they did not have the proper licenses. It's just neighbor vs. neighbor. Believe It or not, I doubt the city gave a crap?

Toad said...

I will learn to read FIRST next time I decide to post a comment.

Perhaps It's a bit more than a pissed off downtown businessman? I did however like the reference to "Open for Business" Ha, Ha. What about the Wind Farm business that told the state to shove It. Is that being "Open for Business" also? This country Is headed for the Shit Can.

SER said...

Sure sounds like some bar owner is worried about losing the sale of two beers.

I can’t believe the city went to them and told them they can’t sell their beers.

Lying John and his group of yahoos are always talking about getting jobs and businesses into Racine, then they pull this crap!

But lets piss away a lot of money on a round-a-bout! Do they really think people from out of town are going to come to Racine to see it, and spend money.....daaaaaa

OrbsCorbs said...

LOL. Lying John:

Then he sends the goons to shut them down. Haw, haw, haw! The prick is constantly taking credit for other people's work. He calls it "partnership" - we call it lying.

Party on, lying John!

SER said...

I wonder if we can start a pig farm on the lawn in front of “City Hall. At least it would be cleaner then the crap coming out of City Hall!

kkdither said...

It doesn't seem to matter who is running this city... we just keep making ridiculous decisions which prevents any growth or inhibits new businesses from succeeding.

Sounds like we also need new management of the Festival site as well. I can't remember when I was last in that building. From what I heard from a couple young brides, the cost is so prohibitive, the average person can't afford to book it for a wedding or any event, so it sits empty with limited income.

And, I believe a good micro beer IS ART! I'm assuming because they are charging for beer (selling) instead of offering a sample, it was deemed they needed a liquor license? I agree, sounds pointed and fishy that they had to hunt for a second law to tell them no... and at the last minute.

OrbsCorbs said...

How could the mgr of Festival Hall have enough pull to stop an event not held on that site? Just complain to the city? Again, no one seems to care about it during art walks or other downtown events. Can I call to complain and shut them down, too?

Toad said...

Have the Beer Fest at The Prairie School. I'll bet they have a liquor license? For that matter. Any good church would be glad to benefit from a Beer Festival.

antiwesley said...

Orbs- "Sorry" about the JT ban, but two things:

The Flynns supported Dickert in this election. The signs were rather blatant, coming in on Wisconsin Ave. from State.

Prairie is also in Wind Point/Caledonia. While I am an alumni, nobody would dare stand in the way of a Johnson-backed organization like they are.