Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Penis Museum Gets Human Member

It turns out that there is a museum for everything. It turns out Iceland is the proud home of the Iceland Phallological Museum. That's a fancy way of saying Penis Museum.

They have penises from a large variety of mammals, but just recently added their first human penis. The penis formerly belonged to Pall Arason who passed away recently at the age of 95 (so it's an old human penis) which probably looks small compared to the 67 inch sperm whale penis on display.

I thought I had found a strange one when I found the Chamber Pot Museum as part of the Zentrum fur Aussgergewoehnliche Museen (Center for the Unusual Museums) in Munich. Yeah, I went, I saw chamber pots of the rich and insane monarchs of Europe. Iceland has upped the ante on unusual museums.


Anonymous said...

hmm .... interesting Hale.. any word of a gerbil penis being on display?

OKIE said...

Decisions decisions. Should I put the Penis Museum in Iceland on my bucket list or not. Oh my!

OrbsCorbs said...

Now, that's a destination spot. We need something like that in Racine, like maybe an armpit hair museum, featuring armpit hair of the rich and famous.

Too bad the Iceland penis museum didn't snag John Holmes' member when he passed away. Long Dong Silver is still alive. Maybe he could bequeath them his claim to fame.