Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Bad News Keeps Coming

Where are our tax dollars really going?  Are we funding the state as we should be, or are we funding a campaign to elect a president from Wisconsin? Where is Scotty? Shaking hands in Iowa again, you say?

Let's have the real truth on how that budget you are so proud of is working for the residents of your state. Now even the wealthier cities are beginning to cry that they can't fund their school districts on the upcoming cuts to education. Our state pride of UW-Madison is buying out seasoned professors.

Where are those 250,000 jobs you promised? You are looking to outsource and sell off our clean water to private investors, our farm fields to mining and drilling, our state parks. Your representatives have pushed through legislation to allow anyone to buy a gun without a waiting period, when shootings are occurring at a record pace.

Your own party is saying enough is enough.  
Our state is crashing and burning!
photo courtesy of Megan McCormick


kkdither said...

My facebook is full of articles on how bad things are. I have a hard time reading them, and a hard time ignoring them. The news and happenings are really frightening.

Despite the unemployment numbers supposedly going down, I'm curious as to how average salaries and individuals are doing. I really don't think these new numbers reflect living wages. I know prices are up... way up, and my take home income has dropped.

Toad said...

I get so darn irritated reading this stuff, I'm gonna drop dead In my recliner sooner than I wish, from a Heart Attack. Scott Walker has me so angry, It's hard to believe. I cannot understand who he thinks he Is representing? The GOP Is In control, and doing things that are just unheard of. I honestly don't believe we are a democracy any longer, either Federal, or State. I'm going to have to try to ignore this garbage, and pretend It's just a dream/NIGHTMARE.

OrbsCorbs said...

I agree that things are bad out here. Real bad. I don't think the politicians realize how badly they've screwed us. Or they don't care.

If this continues, there will be a tipping point. After that, we can devolve to living in caves.

And why the FUCK do we continue to give foreign aid in the billions? We're probably funding the wars in the Middle East. Take care of our own first, then what's left over (if anything) can go to those who kill in the name of their God.

SER said...

Oswald, where are you when we need you here in Wisconsin?