Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Know-It-All Woman Confronts Border Patrol Officers, Gets Tasered And Han...

Some potty talk involved especially after she gets tasered.


SER said...

I do believe she was trying to talk them out of searching her car for drugs.

She lost...laugh'in

OrbsCorbs said...

People are dumb asses. Just do what the officers say and shut up. Yelling at them just aggravates the situation.

Btw, this "appeared nervous" bullshit is getting out of hand. I, too, am nervous whenever I'm pulled over by the police. You'll find no drugs or alcohol in my truck, but I was raised in the days when if you didn't at least respect the police, you feared them.

Today, I fear them and follow their commands to the letter. Then again, since I stopped drinking, I seemed to have also stopped the behavior that brings the police out. If I'm pulled over these days, it's for a burnt out taillight, not a burnt out driver.

OKIE said...

Another lesson in "do what the police tell you to and you won't get hurt". Hopefully she learned that lesson but I think that if we were to do some checking, she is probably suing the government.
She was one little smart a@@.

Toad said...

This Is a GREAT example of the abuse by the POLICE In this country. They have the power, so they use It. WE should NEVER fear the Police. Any of you can say she should have listened, but she was detained because she "LOOKED" nervous. That would ONLY hold up In court because the COURTS are corrupt also. BTW, I have NEVER been arrested, In Jail, or had an incident with the Police, but they are OUT OF CONTROL. Frankly I believe a lot of them are former soldiers from the Wars the last 25 years, and are NUTS, or as they want to call It PTSD. A dirty shame In America. I would do what an officer said, but I will never again support them.

SER said...

Toad, I don't think this show police abuse. Yes he did try to move her at which time she started fighting with him; bad move on her part.

It's a felony to hit and officer of the law, even if you spit on them, it's a felony.

I do believe the police have the total right to protect themselves but the abuse which is going on, IS out of control.

The Feds are going to take control of what is going on in Baltimore. I think some of those cops are going to end up being security guards at Toy-R-Us or K-Mart.