Thursday, May 28, 2015

"The Luft-wafer: Ice cream cone named after Adolf Hitler on sale in India sparks anger in Germany"

From The Daily 
  • Germans are outraged by treat named after Adolf Hitler
  • Lack of Holocaust education in the country means the snack isn't shocking
  • The ice cream cones are readily-available across India
  • German newspaper Bild labelled the cones a macabre publicity stunt
"Even for the most dedicated of ice cream lovers this sweet treat may prove a little hard to swallow. Unbelievably a brand of ice cream cone is readily available in India which is named after Hitler. It’s difficult to fathom what the Nazi leader may have in common with the crunchy snack, but Hitler’s name is splashed across boxes of the tasteless delicacy which is hawked across the country.

"Meanwhile the cold eyes of the killer stare out at ice cream customers from the side of the packaging.

"In some instances he appears in cartoon form in a Swastika-shaped top hat with a jaunty red bowtie, which is somewhat at odds with his furious expression. 

"Other more sombre packages depict him in full military regalia with almost photographic realism, looking very out of place next to an ice cream that's almost as big as he is.

"But all the boxes of cones have the notorious moustache on display.

"A lack of Holocaust education in India means that people on the sub-continent know little about the Nazi leader, and consequently Hitler-themed pubs and restaurants are not viewed with outrage.

"But back in the country that struggles to shake off his murderous legacy 70 years after his death, it is a different story.

"News of the Hitler ice cream cones provoked a furious response on websites calling for the brand to be withdrawn.

"One spectator in Berlin, said: ‘There is taste and there is tastelessness. The people of India should be made aware of the terrible crimes committed by him.’

"German newspaper Bild labelled the ice cream cones a ‘macabre publicity stunt’, while several Twitter users branded them ‘tasteless!’"

So everyone thought Hitler escaped to Argentina, when all along he'd been making and hawking ice cream in India.

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hale-bopp said...

According to the sitcom, Heil Honey, I'm Home, Hitler and Eva escaped to London and had some wacky Jewish neighbors. Yes, that was a real British sitcom in the 80's.