Friday, July 17, 2015

"City Of Racine Welcomes A New Business To Town"

From Racine Community Media:

"The New Bong, Bowl and Paraphernalia Shop, 'Rapids Tobacco & Vapor' Has All The Paraphernalia You Need."

"Located just 2 blocks east of Horlick High School on Rapids Drive & Carlisle."

Who do we have to thank for this, Walker or Dickert?


kkdither said...

Two more non-living wage jobs toward the 250,000 Walker promised. Need I say... again, at the cost of our children. With all the shootings, with all the division and hate, with the lack of compassion toward one another, we are incrementally inching our way toward total destruction.

Toad said...

They are short lived. The State Is trying to ban E-Cigarettes from public places also, and the problem with kids buying them, because they come In more flavors than Kool-Aid, they are very popular, and the effect on the human system Is not really known at this time?

OUR city gave a guy a "Revolving Loan" to open one In our downtown. Now they also manufacture e-cigarettes. Our Health Dept. Ha, Ha. Is on the problem like stink on poop, and I suspect they will probably end up moving on to some other place? If they do leave, I hope the "Revolving Loan" Is paid up. They also gave a $10,000.00 "Revolving Loan" to a guy to re-do a bar that sold, after one woman was killed, and one paralyzed In a shooting In the smoking area behind the bar a few years ago. I think the BEST part of the story Is the name of the new bar. "REHAB" What does that mean? Rehab, from alcohol, or Rehab, from being a soldier, or just Rehab from being REALLY nuts? By far the dumbest name they could have ever used, and the City has NO problem.

OrbsCorbs said...

When you think of it, Cosmic Corner is two blocks from Janes School. I don't know what the local ordinances on these places are, but again, CC thrives, so I assume they're legal. Once in CC, I said something about bongs. I was immediately corrected by one of the employees that they don't sell "bongs" because bongs are illegal. They do, however, have a large selection of water pipes to choose from.

You can trace the roots of the CC to the old "Beautiful Day" (later, "Mainstream Records") in downtown.

As my limited knowledge allows me only a limited view, I heard rumblings that the Downtown Racine Corp.(DRC)didn't want a "head shop" in their midst, so "Mainstream" dried up and blew away.

Then Cosmic Corner popped up on the far northern edge of downtown, also in a River North neighborhood association.

If this new place on Carlyle is allowed to succeed, they better have some heavy-duty security. I suspect the school kids will attempt to overwhelm the place with bodies.

They used to do that to the place that preceded Pick 'N Save on Rapids Dr.. Can't remember it's name. Pick 'N Save even had guards driving the parking lot.