Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Depression And Mental Illness Behind Rising Number Of Teen Suicides"

From Racine County Eye:

By Denise Lockwood in Community, Schools · July 30, 2015 

Credit Racine County Eye
"With more youth dying from suicide in some southeastern Wisconsin Counties, some are calling out this public health crisis as the numbers have increased, according to a story by Fox 6.

"From 2009 through 2014, 71 children have committed suicide in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Waukesha counties. Some of those kids were as young as 11 years-old. A dozen of those youth were from Racine County. This year, seven southeastern Wisconsin youth have already killed themselves and among them is Cameron Langrell, a Caledonia teen who killed himself this year.

"Of those who died, many had been sexually assaulted, had problems with their boyfriend or girlfriend, had trouble at school or struggled with their sexuality. According to the story, for every one person that is successful in committing suicide, there are 11 people who have attempted.

"Read more on Fox 6.

"Looking for mental health resources, check out the Racine County Human Services Department mental health page."


kkdither said...

It is sad and hard to see the numbers. The teen years are really a struggle for many kids. Sure seems like it is harder now than it was for us, and I remember how difficult it was back in the day. Family units and stability have changed. There appears to be much less home support now, with many kids basically left to fend for themselves and often their siblings.

The constant pressure from electronics, and online activity is out control 24/7 for many. Bullying via electronics is a big deal. It doesn't stop once they leave school for the day or over the weekend.

Schools are overwhelmed, social workers and school psychologists have more cases than can be kept up with. Schools are dealing with kids under the influence almost daily. Anger issues, fighting, theft, drugs, truancy. The issues are serious, and the pot is constantly on boil.

Toad said...

I don't have to even read the story, to which I say NO SHIT. What genus figured this one out? I have endured the PAIN for a 16 year old boy, doing such. I also suffered the loss of another young friend to the same end. I NOW must think of this EACH and every day with the eight wonderful grandchildren I have, wondering If things are going ok, and they try to remain happy. The Girlfriend, Boyfriend thing scares the crap out of me. I don't necessarily believe the "Mental Illness" part, I do however think DEPRESSION, Is a HUGE problem, probably stemming from NO family unit, as KK said so well. I had a pretty good family unit, and my Grandkids have had GREAT parental support. It still doesn't take my fear away. Finally, I will add, I hope and pray, that NONE of you FRIENDS have to ever endure the pain of someone's suicide. Perhaps some of you already have, to which I say I am sorry, as I KNOW how you feel, but the pain will eventually turn to anger, for the selfishness this person had.

SER said...

A friend of mind just did himself in...sad.