Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Open Blog - Tuesday

Or, you can enjoy madness if you wish.


lizardmom said...

I was able to get more lights to work, now only need to get one or two more strands to finish decorating it. the lights just make me happy when the trees are bare and it looks icky out

MinnesotaChick said...

just kill me now........ selling a house SUCKS
Oh Good morning everyone. LM.. I have given so many lights to good will. I should have sent them to you. Decorations too. Have fun decorating!
Wish me sweet dreams and hopes of sleep.

OKIE said...

You are killing me LM. I am so far behind you. That being said, tomorrow is my free day off which means no appointments. Now I just have to get hubby to get the stuff down.

After being under a tornado watch yesterday, the storms we got were run of the mill boomers. Quite nice actually.

Stay warm and safe Irregulars.

Tender Heart Bear said...

OKIE- The storm you just had is coming this way today.

LM- I hope you get what you need to get your tree done and so you are happy.

I hope everyone stays dry today and have a good day!

Beejay said...

We are still in SC. No Christmas decorations here! Packing up two Father Christmas figurines I found here...back to FL on Thursday.

OrbsCorbs said...

Ugh, crappy weather out there.

Saturday I found my bicycle next to the dumpsters. What? I've had it in my storage bin for almost two years. The storage bin was locked (my lock). I put my bike back in it and put on a different lock.

I told our manager about it yesterday and she said that she put the bike there because she thought it was junk. She had been cleaning up the storage bin area and found my bike in a closet that houses a sump pump.

I have no idea of who or why any of this happened. How did they get past the lock? (It's a dual tumbler Master lock, not a piece of junk.) The bike's in bad shape, so who would want it? Why put it in with the sump pump? And how long had it been there? I think the last time I visited my storage bin was when I put the bike in it.


OrbsCorbs said...

Oh, and the shingles sores have all but disappeared, but my shoulder constantly aches. I can't find any comfortable position. It really, really hurts. I was in tears last night because of it. How long does this shit go on? Anybody got any morphine they aren't using?

OKIE said...

Okay LM, the canisters are down. Note to self, buy smaller canisters. Getting big ones down from the attic is a pain. Especially when there is a boat in the way.

I've just realized the amount of work ahead of me. Is it too early for wine?

Orbs, glad to hear the shingles are better. I just read where your shoulder pain is from the shingles. It should go away as the shingles clear. Good luck.

OrbsCorbs said...

And I read that 20% of shingles sufferers suffer permanent damage.

kkdither said...

No decorating here before December 1. Then, it comes down before we head back to school. My tree gets smaller and smaller every year, too.

I think the commercialism just gets to me. The Pokemon ideology of gotta collect them all, the gimme, gimme mentality, and the "show your love" through how much money you spend is appalling. Practice kindness every day instead, and the world would be a better place.

Gee, Orbs. I hope you feel better, soon! Okie, 5pm is showing great restraint. Get out the corkscrew!

OKIE said...

Orbs, don't read any more. Stay positive.
As for your bike, I think it might have been aliens.

OrbsCorbs said...

That bicycle stuff makes no sense. I spoke with THB today and she said it was creepy. I agree.