Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, boys and girls!  How are you doing?  As I write this there's a fog so thick outside I can't see much.  Did you hear about California?  After all of those massive wild fires, they received a ton of rain, which now loosened the soil previously held in place by living plants.  Bam!  Mudslides that are destroying homes and killing people.  Some might say this is the Lord's way of telling California to straighten out.  The whole world is full of weather anomalies.  Yesterday, they had pictures of a slight snow cover in the Sahara Desert.  People can argue all they want about climate change, but I think it's becoming pretty self-evident that we've messed up the planet.  I mean, it's not just us.  It's the cumulative effect from hundreds of years of pollution.  We just happen to be near the tipping point, if we haven't already passed it.

It's become very interesting to watch the various effects of climate change worldwide.  It's also going to be very interesting watching what Foxconn does.  Every day there are new headlines about Foxconn.  I believe that with all the skilled workers the plant may attract will come every manifestation of grifter, drug dealer, and prostitute.  Things are going to change big time in the next decade or so, and change very rapidly.  Hold onto your popcorn and enjoy the ride.

Has anyone seen mayor Mason?  He appears to operate in stark contrast to lying John's way.  Dickert's name was almost always in the news.  Mason?  Not so much.  I kind of like it, but I fear what could be done without our knowledge.  I don't think I completely trust any politician.  Maybe the Journal Times could start a weekly feature recapping the mayor's activities over the previous week.  Maybe they could, but they won't.

I see where the new ice skating rink on Monument Square has had to postpone it's opening because of warm weather.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, and then we plunge back into winter.  I hope the rink works well.  One of my favorite childhood memories is ice skating on the zoo pond.  Let's give this generation the opportunity to break a leg.  What I always disliked about ice skating was the "speeders," the guys who can skate amazingly well and zoom in and out of the other skaters.  Kind of like a sports car taking off in traffic.  Good luck to all of them.

Have you heard about this? The Shepherd Express has a weekly column entitled "Dear Ruthie":
She also makes regular appearance around town,  Kind of puts my lazy butt to shame.    

I am not ashamed of my love for the Irregulars and all of my readers.  Bless you.  I hope this year turns out better for you than last.  When thing get tough, remember that I am there.

Be nice to each other.  We all need help in the worst weather.  What I try to do is avoid it as much as possible.
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