Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"This can be good news!"

Dear Board Members,

These actions very dramatically demonstrate the racial bias of the D.A.'s office (and the complicity of the newspaper) and provide a basis for recognizing, if not demanding, change.  There have been many racist comments posted on Facebook and other media by white citizens that have not been addressed as "TERRORISM" on the front page of the newspaper, despite their advocacy of violence.

It's now clearly a responsibility of the County Board to step forward and address this glaring inequity that exists in the District Attorney's Office.  They can come forward and do that, or remain silent and thereby perpetuate the current atmosphere, which offers no chance of contributing to the safe, peaceful and fair society that all claim to prefer.

We all know, or should be aware of, the statistical evidence that implies a pervasive, systemic racism that plagues all of Southeast Wisconsin.  This very public display of it offers an opportunity for all Racine County residents to either endorse or reject it, and the most important citizens to that effort right now are the members of the County Board.  I hope that they choose the latter and embark on a treatment program to effect a cure for this illness that is destroying the health of our communities.

While District Attorney is an elected position and not subject to direct control by the county board, I strongly encourage and support you in any effort to influence this situation.

Dr. Kenneth Yorgan
Timothy Elmer

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