Thursday, April 25, 2019

Letter to MTP

Dear Village Board, 
I see that the Foxconn dividend is paying off for Claude Lois to 
manage Foxconn, while costing taxpayers more! 
MOUNT PLEASANT — The consulting company that provides Mount Pleasant 
with the project manager who oversees Foxconn matters is requesting a 
nearly 25% increase in its contract with the village. 
Milwaukee-based Kapur and Associates, which employs Foxconn project 
manager Claude Lois, has been getting paid $20,000 per month for 
nearly the last two years, equaling $240,000 per year. With the 
contract up in August, Kapur is requesting to be paid $24,000 per 
month — $288,000 per year. 
This is just the first in a series of steep and disastrous tax hikes 
which will occur in MTP and Racine County as the Foxscam has changed 
again. Since Foxconn's change in plans to build a Gen 6 Plant is a 
violation of the terms of their WEDC contract, which stipulates a Gen 
10.5, from page 4 of the contract, which is attached for your viewing, 
Foxconn is now desperate to change the WEDC contract, while desperate 
Politicians like State Rep Robin Vos, Racine County Executive Jonathan 
Delagrave and MTP President Dave DeGroot will ignore the actual terms 
of the contract and focus on "employment". 
From JT: 
The Evers letter to Foxconn executive Louis Woo says Woo, at a meeting 
with Evers last month, indicated “Foxconn intends to suggest several 
changes to the existing agreement to better align the terms with the 
evolving project and global marketplace.” 
The letter says Foxconn will submit its proposed changes to the deal 
in coming weeks. Evers wrote that “to my knowledge, this was the first 
time either Foxconn or the State of Wisconsin had mentioned amending 
or changing the agreement.” 
Charlatans and scofflaws - ALL of you! 
BOHICA MTP and Racine County Residents for more taxes and fees! 
Tim & Cindy 

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