Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why Are Tech Oligarchs Coordinating Mass Censorship Of Any Mention Of White Nationalism, White Separatism, White Majoritarianism, Or White Self-Determination?

Augustus has an answer:
The Special people, Umber people, etc THRIVE in the U.S because of White leeching. This is why talk of “separatism” is already being culled by the tech oligarchs. Minorities do not simply want to live in their own spaces. They want to live in their own spaces while leeching off the White Man to fund their welfare. If you kicked all of the White people out of CA for example, who would fund the millions of welfare recipients, illegals etc? You know the Jews wont stay their either.
Les Saunders, Protestant, replies,
It was very deliberate, and very disquieting, that the tech companies explicitly proscribed white “separatism” along with white nationalism from their platforms.
They don’t want us to exist.
The idea that those whites who wish to preserve their culture, race, identity – their lives – should be made illegal to think or say, is compelling.
They’re saying: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, White people. We’re coming for you.
It’s a peculiar thing, this mass hysteria to condemn, demonize, and silence any discussion that takes on the hue of even mild pro-White advocacy.
Every other group can freely advocate online for their tribal interests, but only Whites are banned from doing so.
Strange. Maybe we should ask the tech and banking oligarchs point blank why they censor and demonetize Whites speaking fondly of their own race, when they don’t extend the same swift and excessive punishment to racially proud nonWhites?
Maybe it really does come down to securing the parasite-host relationship in perpetuity.
I think it’s more primal than that even.
It’s raw hatred, compelled by raw envy, magnified by raw fear of the day that their rotten depredations are exposed to sunlight.

On the topic of White separatism, Igor thinks White Southerners would stay to the bitter diversigenic end, because their 300-year-old connection to blood and soil is stronger than their racial inclination for more seasonal climes.
I don’t think the Southern Whites will leave in large numbers, especially if the local demographics improved. Their (our) ancestors have been there for centuries. Their graves are there. The towns, schools, churches – everything has a historical meaning beyond its function. Friends and families have relationships going back generations. In other words, they still resemble natives of a nation more than migrant trash. They won’t abandon it all to search for British weather.
But even though the South was spared genocidal levels of immigration until relatively recently compared to most of the USA, it is going through the same process of cultural sterilization. They may simply be generic “whites” with no cultural ties to the South in another generation (to the extent there are enough of them left to matter by then).
This cultural sterilization process (yes, it is happening all over America) will, as I have predicted, broaden the appeal of a generic “White identity”, specifically in America, where White ethnic and regional differences are being erased by hipster globalization. White nationalism and its cousin world-views will find more purchase in America than in Europe, because the latter still maintains strong geopolitical White ethnic distinctions. In America, those intraWhite ethnic distinctions are disappearing and subsuming into a larger “White American” identity that has ethnic boundaries marked as much by ideology as by lineage, and which are set apart and defined by the incoming deluge of Diversity™. We are rapidly approaching the day when American White ethnicities are an anachronism, replaced by two massive ideology-ethnicities (ethnologies): leftoid equalist GoonWhites and sane FreeWhites


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