Thursday, May 9, 2019

Another View of Smart Cities

Dear County Board of Supervisors, 
Please note that: 
While Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave Spends $20,000 to 
Promote a “Digital Era Compliant County” scheme, The “Smart City” of 
Baltimore is Brought to a Standstill As “Baltimore City Hall Computer 
Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, Officials Say” 
Which should be of concern to each and every one of you.... while 
Just when taxpayers thought it couldn’t get any worse, and Foxconn is 
in DEFAULT of their WEDC contract and demanding to renegotiate, Racine 
County Executive Jonathon Delagrave decides to waste $20,000 of 
taxpayers dollars, coupled with a $10,000 grant from WI Counties 
Association to fund ” a contract with My Strategy Source LLC, a 
consulting service, to develop a long-term digital vision for the 
county. The contract costs about $30,000, however the county has 
received a $10,000 grant from the Wisconsin Counties Association to 
help offset the cost”. Well, wasting $20,000 for lobbying efforts to 
convince taxpayers that poison is good for them is still wasting 
taxpayer dollars. 
f the Non-profit and tax exempt taxpayer funded “Secret Government” 
Wisconsin Counties Association wants to chip in $10,000 – then CUI 
BONO? No one knows – nor can anyone even ask the question – because 
the quasi-governmental taxpayer funded Association is EXEMPT from Open 
Records Requests. 
Wisconsin Counties Association Not Subject to Open Records Law 
Joe Forward 
Legal Writer: 
Sept. 23, 2014 – A state appeals court has ruled that the Wisconsin 
Counties Association did not need to produce records requested by the 
Wisconsin Police Association because the Counties Association is not 
subject to public records law. 
Under Wis. Stat. section 19.32(1), certain “authorities” must produce 
records for inspection if requested to do so. Authorities include 
state or local offices, elected officials, agencies, boards, 
commissions, and other government-related entities. 
The Wisconsin Professional Police Association submitted two requests 
for records from the Counties Association – a nonprofit organization 
whose members are Wisconsin counties – which refused, arguing that it 
was not subject to public records law. 
In Wisconsin Professional Police Assoc. v. Wisconsin Counties Assoc., 
2014AP249 (Sept. 18, 2014), a three-judge panel for the District IV 
Court of Appeals agreed that the Counties Association does not qualify 
as an “authority” subject to public records law. 
The panel rejected the Police Association’s claim that the Counties 
Association is a “quasi-governmental corporation” that falls within 
the statutory definition of “authority.” 
Meanwhile in the Smart City of the Future – Baltimore: 
Baltimore City Hall Computer Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, 
Officials Say 
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Hall government servers have been 
infected by a ransomware virus that government officials said is 
spreading throughout their network. 
Mayor Jack Young released a statement confirming the issue. 
    “Baltimore City core essential services (police, fire, EMS and 
311) are still operational but it has been determined that the city’s 
network has been infected with a ransomware virus. City employees are 
working diligently to determine the source and extent of the 
infection. At this time, we have seen no evidence that any personal 
data has left the system. Out of an abundance of precaution, the city 
has shut down the majority of its servers. We will provide updates as 
information becomes available.” 
He said at this time no personal data has left their system. 
Due to the current network issues, the Director of Public Works has 
suspended late water bill fees for City and County customers, DPW said 
in a tweet: 
They later said employees of the City’s Finance Department are out 
front of the Abel Wolman Municipal building saying due to the network 
outage, they cannot conduct business or pay bills Tuesday with cash. 
They added that check and money orders only will work. 
Newly sworn-in City Council president Brandon Scott tweeted a 
statement on the IT issues as well. 
Michael Greenberger, a homeland security expert, said that the 
culprits are usually after money. 
“Someone attacks the computer systems and encrypts all the data on it 
so that it’s unreadable and there you are stuck with your computer 
system and all your files,” Greenberger said. 
In 2016, hackers took over MedStar Health’s database. 
In March of last year, a similar attack compromised Baltimore’s 911 
operations for more than 17 hours. 
For this recent cyber take-over, one of the biggest inconvenience to 
residents has been not being able to pay bills. 
“I tried to pay a couple of tickets and they said this billing has 
been shut down ever since 7 o’clock this morning,” one resident said. 
Lest anyone think otherwise – Racine County Executive Jonathon 
Delagrave is also a Director at RCEDC and PROMISED that Foxconn would 
invest $10 Billion Dollars in a 10.5 Generation LCD Manufacturing 
Here is what Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave actually 
delivered, after committing Taxpayers of Racine County to 
$1,000,000,000 in taxpayer funded debt and expenses! 
See the post: 
It is time for Racine County to return to it's core value of 
delivering Taxpayer funded and needed services, and not Capitalist 
Cronyism expenses on wants which benefit a select few. 
Racine County Executive and RCEDC Board Member Jonathon Delagrave is 
OUT OF TOUCH with Resident Taxpayers. 
Tim & Cindy


TSE said...

As for RC Executive Jonathan Delagrave, State Rep Robin Vos, and The
JT blocking my comments - I must admit....

I DO NOT negotiate with Terrorists!

Anonymous said...

When did the Journal Times falsely declare to be under attack by those sharing The Truth they cannot allow anyone to Know? Was that legal? What is the role of a publisher and community newspaper?

What did John Dickert testify to in regards to editorials? Where did he really stay on his trip to New York and why? Who made him leave office and why?

Why did Jerry quit? Who is Brenda related to? What happened to all of the other reporters? Who remains and why?

Who is from Hawaii, and what happened in Hawaii? How much do hot dogs cost? What was Mayor Pete doing in Racine?

Who controls the newspaper? What is the Franklin scandal? What happened in Krasnodar?

What is The Truth they cannot allow anyone to Know?