Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friends!  How are you? I don't think it will ever warm up outside.  We had that beautiful Sunday, followed by a 30 degree temperature drop with rain.  We pay for every warm breeze we get.  It's called winter.  Apparently it now lasts nine months long.  Mother Nature is still MIA and everything's gone to hell.

I can't stand to watch those nature documentaries where a species is being forced out of its habitat.  I can't stand to watch as a jackal catches and eats a rabbit.  Puppies and teddy bears - that's my speed. 

Things are just happening all over Racine.  I hope Foxconn doesn't con us.  Some people say that that's already happened.  It would be nice to have a more concrete idea of their plans, but they seem to stay aloof.  The "inscrutable" Japanese.  All I can say is Remember Pearl Harbor!

The presence of Foxconn has driven the real estate market here insane.  Everything is being cleaned up, fixed up, and sold.  I hope someone takes on the old J I Case Clausen Works on the south side.  That's a huge area for development.  Put in a water park and a hotel and a restaurant and you've barely nicked the space available.  Is Case hanging onto this space for some reason?  Perhaps an alien technology center?

It's my understanding that UFOs can "fly" underwater as well as in open space.  Given that, Lake Michigan could be crawling with them and we'd never know. They could be responsible for a lot of shipwrecks and disappearances.  I say Nuke the Lake!  That'll show 'em.

It will be so nice to see our city prosper again, if Foxconn doesn't cheat.  So much is riding on Foxconn that I can barely take the suspense sometimes.  

I can't wait to see the workers' shanty towns.  And the Japanese spirit which consumes them.

Soon it will be permafrost around here.  Time to head out.  C'mon down to the land of bikinis and savage murders.  I love you all.

Happy Mothers Day.
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TSE said...

Happy Mother's Day to you... MME Zoltar!

Take good care of your children!

With love and affection..