Friday, September 20, 2019

Campaign to Recall Racine County DA Trish Hanson

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

As I pointed out - those who support having MTP Officer Eric Giese
charged with crimes are peaceful - and there have been no riots in
Racine. These are my other thoughts:

I knew that it wasn't smart to ride a bike without a light at night -
and through Google learned that it is also against WI State Statute,
347.489, and the penalty is may be required to forfeit not less than
$10 nor more than $200. It's not being shot 3 times and killed. The
Officer could have chosen to confiscate the bicycle and let Tyrese go
- it certainly would be the wiser choice if the Police want to be
considered as a positive part of the Community - and not killers to be
feared. Truth be - for Minorities in Racine County - a minor offense
leads to a chase, gun violence and death too many times.

As for the claim that Tyrese's fingerprints were alleged to be found
at a crime scene - where then was the warrant for his arrest? No
warrant means he wasn't suspect - but Trish had to throw that out
there. So let me ask you Trish - provide some specific evidence - not
hearsay. And let me remind you Trish - when your opponent, Thomas
Binger questioned you about Rich Chiapetes Arrest YOU claimed you
couldn't get access - but somehow a lowly member of the public like me
was able to obtain a copy.

Former Racine County DA Rich Chiapete crashed his car into public
property, fled the scene of an accident, failed to report, lied to
Police along with his wife, consulted with his neighbors, and refused
to cooperate. YET - he was not charged with a crime and the municipal
ordinance violations have no record on CCAP. The White Privilege
speaks for itself in City of Racine

Trish Hanson - I'm calling your integrity into question - because I
don't believe you.

As for the Officer not being able to turn his video camera on - it is
possible - and it is also possible that it is a coverup to protect
Racine County and MTP for a huge lawsuit. As for all the Officers
having their body cameras as Eric Giese described what happened - well
sure makes it convenient for every Officer to share the same memory
and preserves that memory for Eric Giese so he doesn't trip up and
possibly provide different testimony at a later date. It may not be
exactly murder - but it is excessive force.

It is amazing the amount of White Privilege in this Community. Former
DA Rich Chiapete committed numerous crimes and offenses, along with
his wife (who was never charged) and got away with 3 Municipal
Ordinance tickets issued by City of Racine Attorney Robert Weber – who
is now the Municipal Judge. As for criminal activity at Racine City
Hall - former Mayor John Dickert claimed to have fired an Embezzler -
so where is the Police Report and Court Records? When will Racine
Police Chief Art Howell provide an update on the Embezzler fired by
Former Mayor John Dickert? Curt Johnson was allowed to move the victim
out of State, who was then never extradidated back to Wisconsin to
provide her testimony. And didn’t Circuit Court Judge Gerald Pateck
“The Home Court Advantage” claim that Dickert was acting as Mayor
while campaigning for Mayor on WRJN – sticking taxpayers with his
$100,000 legal bill?

Anyone who believes that "Tyrese got what he deserved" is at the
least, mentally ill.

Trish Hanson is unsuitable to serve as Racine County DA and needs to
be recalled.


Tim & Cindy

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

Ask yourself the following:
Did Tyrese West contribute to the community in a positive way?
Is the community a better place and safer without Tyrese West?
Would you rather have Officer Geise dead?

Here are my thoughts:
Tyrese West got what he negotiated - suicide by cop.
Good riddance Tyrese West.