Friday, July 9, 2021

Cop Destroys Evidence. Or At Least... He Tried to.

I can't believe how stupid the police are.  Their arrogance in light of the millions of video devices capturing their lies is proof of their idiocy.  First, fourth, and fifth amendment auditors are out there in droves filming bad behavior by pigs.  Often, body cams do the police in.  You're wearing a camera that records everything that you do and then you brazenly break the law (and a few heads), apparently believing that your power trip trumps video evidence to the contrary.  Stupid, stupid pigs.

PS - I've tried to resist the temptation to post these pig videos, at one time believing that such behavior by police is an aberration.  It is not.  There are literally thousands of videos online of police acting like pigs.  Thousands!  And those are just the incidents that are caught on camera.  Unlike many police, I now know my first, fourth, and fifth amendment rights.  Do you know yours?

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