Saturday, July 10, 2021

Police Officers Talk In Depositions About Wrong Raids

Chicago police take the word of drug addicts to issue search warrants.  Then they laugh at the suffering they've inflicted upon an innocent family.

I personally know about the corruption of Chicago cops.  For instance, there was the watch commander who held our car shop's delivery truck for ransom.  He wanted a free exhaust system installed on his car or our truck was going to Chicago's infamously crooked car pound with thousands of dollars of car parts on it.  There they wouldn't be on the truck for long.  Of course, the pig got his exhaust system.

Our shop was near the Shakespeare District headquarters.  We often had cops for customers.  The first thing they did was exclaim that they were cops and they wanted a discount.  So, I upped their estimates by 10% and then gave them a 10% "discount."  Stupid pigs.

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