Saturday, March 31, 2018

"The Staggering Cost of Wisconsin’s Prison Industry"


WI Taxpayers need not worry –  Wisconsin just needs to build a few more more Prisons to be back in the black, as opposed to all the red ink accrued during Scott Walker’s tenancy as Governor. When all the borrowing, spending and temporary tax cuts are done – Residents will be left with a huge debt service to fund, Prisons and Jails overflowing capacity with Minorities,drunks and drug law offenders, while Unionized Prison Guards will demand more taxpayer funded pay and  benefits  along with more long term costs such as  outrageously early and lucrative taxpayer funded for life pensions/healthcare, with nothing productive to show for it!

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TSE said...

Mt. T Pities the Fools who continue to live in WI: