Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello my reasons for living!  How are you?  Isn't the weather grand?  I wish the rest of the summer would be like this.  Alas, I'm sure we'll see more hot and humid days.  My electric bill jumped $20 because of my a/c use.  I was expecting worse.

We've gone from near flood conditions to drought-like conditions.  This is so typical of  a Wisconsin spring-summer.  Junior and Señor Zanza are constantly moving the hose and sprinkler to keep things moist.  My tomato plants look spindly.  Maybe I'll invest in an underground sprinkler system.  That would save my boys so much trouble.  And then my grass wouldn't turn brown in August.  I don't know, who has money for stuff like this?

Surprisingly, Mr. Trump has turned out to be a friend to North Korea and Russia.  Maybe because they govern the way he would like to.  Mr. Trump seems especially enamored of Putin, the Russian bear.  There is a stink brewing over the "Helsinki humiliation."  Mr. Trump lies and lies, changing his words like wind-blown leaves.  It's impossible to determine the truth anymore.  That's the way Mr. Trump wants it.

On the local front, we're making resolutions and signing letters of intent, reporting violations to Mr. OrbsCorbs.  We're very busy, yet we accomplish absolutely nothing.  Mr. Mayor Cory Mason likes this kind of busy work.  It makes everyone appear to be productive, whether they are or not.  At the Journal Times, such nonsense wins awards.  It is what's wrong with America.

What's right with America:

No, I'm not really that hardcore about our country.  I am very glad to be able to live in the greatest country on Earth.  We have a ton of problems, but we are free and powerful.  God bless America.

And, God please keep America from mesing in other countries' poltics.

And, God thank You for the wonderful readers and other regulars that this blog has.  I love them all.

It's supposed to get hot again, so take it easy.  Stay hydrated and out of the sun's way.  Whether driving or playing, keep an eye out for the little ones.  They don't know any better.

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