Sunday, July 15, 2018

"Judge Constantine retiring after 22 years on the bench"

RACINE — After 22 years as a Racine County Circuit Court judge, Judge Charles Constantine has decided it’s time to step down.

“To me, it’s like you are a nice rock on the edge of Lake Michigan, with waves brushing up against you,” Constantine said. “At first, the waves don’t seem to have any impact at all, but as the waves keep coming, over and over again, you get worn down.”

Constantine originally intended to finish out his term, which ends in 2020. But after the death of a brother and with the birth of his grandchildren, Constantine said he decided that Sept. 5 was the right time for him to retire.

“I just felt like I was starting to lose my fastball,” Constantine said. “I felt I wasn’t as engaged as I used to be, and I was in the process of not being able to do the job to the standard that I think it should be done. This is a very important job. You are dealing with people’s lives … and you have to be fully engaged.”

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