Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Former Rogan’s Shoes and a nudist campground sell

From Racine County Eye:

Photo obtained from Google Maps 2021.

Racine County had 91 properties transferred to new owners between April 19th and April 23rd, according to the Racine County Register of Deeds Office property transfer record. 

The properties acquired had a cash value of just over $21.8 million. Further, the transfers included the sale of the former Rogan’s Shoes, a nudist campground, and a law office. 

  • The property at 927 Main St., Racine, is home to the Law Office of Laura Walker. Penn Rakauski sold the property to Benjamin and Dawn Murphy of Racine for $170,000.00.
  • The former Rogan’s Shoes at 3520 Rapids Dr., Racine was sold by Zuri Kiatu LLC C/O Sara Investment Real Estate. Further, Welcome Kenosha, LLC purchased the property for $335,000.00.
  • Former nudist campground, Sun Ray Hills, 7148 McHenry St, Burlington, sold to Asphalt Contractors LLC. The owner, Losacco LLC, sold the 165-acre property for $2,500,000.00.
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