Friday, December 27, 2013

"Shhhhut Down Fat Talk - Special K'


Toad said...

Was that Legal Stranger?

Anonymous said...

All Talk!


NO Action!

SER said...

White women always claim they need to loose weight even when they look great.

Black women hardly ever say they need to loose weight, they are proud of how they look.

Anonymous said...

I am so busted
You caught me cross dressing, the one with the glasses and the ruby red lips.


kkdither said...

On the serious side, there is definitely something to this. I have always felt fat. Makes you wonder where this originates in women. I look at pictures of when I was younger and I was THIN (100 lbs) and yet still felt fat.

legal stranger said...


The video's must have interchanged positions for toad to make such a comment.

And anon much have interchanged ID's to make such a comment.

How many personalities and videos are we dealing with?

Oh, I forgot I was in cyberland.

On a serious note, like yourself even if you are carrying a few extra pounds - there is more to love!

Toad said...

I don't have a clue what video I saw the first time, but It certainly was not this one. It was a guy that was sitting In the open REALLY cold, and snow, and Ice skating on a lake drinking from a bottle of booze. Where the hell did It go?

OrbsCorbs said...

He's here:

I understand the "fat talk" syndrome. I have "negative talk" going in my head almost constantly. Mine is a result of my depression. But, like kk, I wonder why most women have it. I assume it's in their upbringing.

kkdither said...

Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smiley

OrbsCorbs said...

To think that I once laughed at Stuart Smiley. Now I need one in my life. What goes around comes around.

legal stranger said...

videos often interchange positions on the net, happens here and everywhere else on the net.

And by the way, I have done better things, just not filmed

Why Not? said...

I battle with this constantly, even with a pretty dramatic weight loss I catch myself in the mirror and dream away how much more I can lose, what if I didnt have all those wrinkles on my forehead, what I wouldnt give for a thick head of hair like my sister.. I battle everyday not to say anything in front of my girls, we talk about how everyone is the size and shape they are supposed to be and that they are beautiful.. I dont know how much it helps because I think I still say negative comments about others and myself in front of them, they still come in contact with others that do the same..

One of the saddest things I could possibly imagine would be if the girls would start saying anything of what I say to myself to themselves..

OrbsCorbs said...

It's hard to battle the societal influences (movies, magazines, TV, advertisements, peer groups) that reinforce fat talk.