Sunday, February 24, 2019

Fox-Scam is winging it

Dear Village Board' 
So now it is official. 
Fox-Scam is winging it.. 
Who woulda thunk it? 
MILWAUKEE — “We’re building the airplane while we’re flying and we’re 
redesigning it." 
That is the analogy Bill Mitchell, Foxconn's vice president of 
business operations, used Thursday to describe the Foxconn Technology 
Group's Wisconsin plans. 
"And we’re figuring it out as we go but we are figuring it out," 
Mitchell said. "We don’t have all the answers but we’re figuring it 
Mitchell, who is also president and CEO of Aguila — a Foxconn 
distribution company, made the remarks Thursday at the Wisconsin 
Manufacturing Extension Partnership "Manufacturing Matters" conference 
in Milwaukee. 
MTP VP - Mr David DeGoof - what is going on here? 
Where is my $53,000 job at 2,040 hours per year? 
Mr. Sonny Havn - Mr. John Hewitt -(who can't do it!) Anna Marie 
Klausen - and clueless  Ram BS'er- can you provide me with a CLUE? A 
Job? a Paycheck? Anything less than increased taxes, and debt service 
to the Banksters:? Who you mortgaged the Community to? 
Does Village Idiot Davis DeGoof have any comment regarding those 
13,000 jobs paying $53,000 each - minimum? Which have suddenly 
Still awaiting a reply - Mr. MTP Village Idiot David DeGoofus. 
Learning to fly while building an aeroplane is likely a GINORMOUS 
task! Right? VI (Village Idiot) David DeGoofus? Requires Ginormous 
spaces, taxes, and infrastructure. "cause ya kan. 
Perhaps Amazon and   Jeff Bezos will arrive to save the day. Could 
happen. I'm open to anything.... now. 
Tim & Cindy 

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