Monday, February 25, 2019

Ricky's Cop Bar

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Seems that Journal Times has something to hide - when comments are 
deleted and closed. 
Please NOTE = I do not comment at JT. Under any name or alias. 
RACINE — After nearly 26 years in business, Rick Smetana has decided 
to close his Downtown bar, Ricky’s Place. 
From the start and through the years, Ricky’s was a magnet for police 
officers and other law enforcement personnel. Smetana’s brother Dave 
Smetana was a Racine Police officer and is now Pleasant Prairie’s 
police chief. 
Rick said he also has “numerous” nephews who are on the Racine Police, 
Mount Pleasant Police and Kenosha County Sheriff’s departments. 
“And countless friends that I had prior to Ricky’s and at Ricky’s who 
are police officers,” he added. “They would bring their coworkers and 
friends. I was very proud to say it was a place that law enforcement 
(personnel) would come in and feel at home, feel relaxed.”.... 
Comments - OFF - I wonder why. 
What more are ya all hiding? Seems that their is a bit of cover-up 
going on here. 
And Sgt Stulo and Maxines? 
At least Kenosha *FIRED* their drunk driving KPD Sergeant who caused 
mayhem. Guess taxpayer s continue to pay "Not Guilty" RPD Officer Sgt. 
Stulo - like "Not Guilty" Rich and Jennifer Chiapete - and hey  - how 
can this be covered up? Gotta be a lot of ways..... 
Just asking? 
Overtaxed and oppressed Residents have unanswered questions. Why? 
Welcome to the Mayor Cory Mason Bloat and cover-up. Just ask Rich and 
Jennifer Chiapete how that works out - along with dirt-ee former City 
Attorney Rob Weber. 
Tim & Cindy 

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