Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, Santa's little (and not so little) helpers!  How are you?  You survived one more turkey day. But, of course, the best is yet to come: Christmas, perhaps the only holiday that can drive people to tears and guns.  It can make you temporarily insane.  I'm lucky to have my two men to help me survive the rest of the holidays.  They will do all of the decorating, if I let them.  And I will.

The Packers lost.  Ho-hum.  The next spectacle has them hosting Tampa Bay this Sunday afternoon.

Here are the standings from the Irregular Football League:

 My Screaming Psychics have clinched a playoff spot.  Hurray!  Mow 'em down, boys!

Our new mayor, Cory Mason, seems to have his head on straight.  He's keeping campaign promises.  To be honest, I also like his selection of ties.  Ex-mayor lying John seemed to own two ties, one blue, the other red. 

Foxconn fever has hit the area big time.  Every day there's a new agreement that's been signed.  There's been a huge amount of talk, but very little constructing.  Oh, and a lot of money has been borrowed or transferred.  "Don't worry," the politicians say, "Foxconn will repay more than it borrowed."  Right.

Junior finally got his drivers license.  It only took six tries.  He has no vehicle, but I'm sure he's looking.  Then the full court press will be applied to me to finance this venture.  I've already told him "no" a hundred times.  Still he asks.  He'll suggest it can be his Christmas present.  He'll suggest waiting on me hand and foot.  He'll promise anything to get that car. 

The weather the last couple of days hasn't been so bad.  Temperatures hit the 50s a couple of times.  There was some actual sunlight.  This adds a couple more days to your raking schedule.  Again, I have the boys to do that.

Don't forget to throw some money into one of the red kettles.  This can be a very difficult time of year for those suffering from poverty and/or mental illness.  Give thanks for what you have.  There's always someone who has less.
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