Tuesday, November 28, 2017

First Potential Foxconn setback

Dear Village Board,

From Zerohedge:

Keith Olbermann, anti-Trump video blogger, self-proclaimed leader of the 'Resistance', and former ESPN, MSNBC, Current TV and Fox Sports host announced on Monday that he is retiring from political commentary. The progressive provocateur made the announcement during the final episode of “The Resistance,” a political show sponsored by GQ that airs on YouTube.
“I am retiring from political commentary in all media venues” Olbermann said. "Thank you for all the kind words and all the support. Have fun storming the castle. My work here is done. Matter of fact, so is Trump's."
He framed his departure by stating that "I am confident now even more so than I have been throughout the last year that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon, and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries." He added that Trump will either be removed from office or forced to resign by his own party sometime in the next 13 months. 
Clarifying his departure, the 58-year-old insisted that he wasn't being fired and was in good health: "No illness. No scandal. No firing. Just I've said what I've had to say. It was as obvious as I made it seem. I give my work everything I can, so it's not like I can dial it back."
In a twitted preview of his retirement, Olbermann said that "After “Pocahontas,” Trump’s an ex-president waiting to happen - imminently.


And when Trump goes - so will Terry Gou and Foxconn - and the Impeach Walker movement will grow even stronger.

Perhaps - not ONE LCD TV screen will be made in WI.

Good luck,


Tim & Cindy

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