Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Racine Uncovered ending, Journal Times to administer Facebook page"

"RACINE COUNTY — After 10 years in business of sharing local news — particularly about area crime and lost pets — the Racine Uncovered website is shutting down on Thursday.

"'From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank everybody for their support over the last 10 years; it’s been a lot of fun,' Racine Uncovered administrators Beth David, a community activist, and Corey Becker, stated in a post on Racine Uncovered’s website.

"Following the official shutdown, traffic from Racine Uncovered searches will go to In addition, Journal Times staff will be taking over as administrators of the Racine Uncovered Facebook page.

"The Journal Times wants to ensure those readers won’t miss any local news, which is why The Journal Times will continue to post stories to the page, particularly about area crime and other topics of area interest.

"Journal Times staff will also respond to Racine Uncovered messages and post messages from area residents about lost pets, in hopes of helping reunite owners with those pets.

"The Journal Times will also continue to post directly to and our facebook page

"In the Racine Uncovered post, David and Becker stated: 'During our 10 years we’ve had the privilege to work with some great people who in addition to being friends are also some of the best people we could ever hope to meet or collaborate with.'

"However, they stated they no longer have the time to invest in the site and wanted to end on a high note rather than keep publishing without being able to dedicate adequate time to it.

"'The Journal Times welcomes the Racine Uncovered readers,' Managing Editor Stephanie Jones said of the collaboration. 'We take our responsibility of informing area residents of safety concerns very seriously, along with providing full coverage of what is happening in our entire county. We look forward to continuing to share safety stories as well as hard-hitting news and features about people doing good in the community.'"


Why didn't you give it to Racine County Eye?  The Journal Times is run by lying pigs. I remember when people flocked to Racine Uncovered to get away from the Journal Times.  Watch as everything Beth built up is torn down.


OrbsCorbs said...

Of course, no comments allowed on the Journal Times story.

legal stranger said...

Indeed, Of course the JT won't allow comments, commentators call them out and expose their grade D- in journalism.

TSE said...

The Dickert Disaster is over - so there is simply a changing of the Guard.

Racine Uncovered will now be able cover up the outta control crime in Cory Mason's Racine -

How about the Malodorous Mason Malfeasance?

Mealymouthed Mason?

Mason Mega-Disaster?

Mason Manque?


1.Definition: unfulfilled or frustrated in realizing an ambition

Better yet -

How about:

The Cory Calamity?

That's it!

The Cory Calamity!

noun: calamity; plural noun: calamities

an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster.