Sunday, June 23, 2019

Journal Times editorial: Racine convention center bill should be a high priority

From The Journal

City of Racine officials and a bipartisan group of legislators came together this month to announce plans for a $48 million hotel and convention center that would connect with Festival Hall.

The proposal is a game-changer for Downtown Racine and Racine County as a whole.

Currently, local trade groups wanting to hold a convention must go elsewhere in the state for their events. This proposal opens up so many opportunities.

When meetings or trade shows at the convention center would be done for the day or on break, event attendees could venture up to Main Street to check out the restaurants and shops.

But this project cannot advance until legislation passes: Part of Racine’s lakefront is filled lake bed and there are laws regarding how formerly submerged land can be used.

David-Elias Rachie of Gatehouse Capital Corp. told the Journal Times Editorial Board earlier this month that the project is essentially at a standstill until legislation passes allowing for the development along the lakefront.

This week, legislators will be busy with the state budget, and rightfully so. The biennial state budget is supposed to go into effect July 1, and agencies throughout the state are anxiously waiting for its passage for planning purposes.

While the budget is an obvious focus, legislation allowing for the Racine convention center should also be considered a high priority.

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OrbsCorbs said...

Yes, we need a place for roller derby and maybe even professional wrestling.