Sunday, June 23, 2019

Stingl: I took a lawn chair to 60th and Capitol and watched drivers run red lights

From JSOnline:

This is not a spectator sport I would recommend, but I set up a lawn chair at the busy corner of Capitol Drive and 60th Street to watch drivers blow through red lights.

You don't have to wait long. It happens a lot. Not every stoplight cycle, but a lot.

Light turns yellow, vehicles speed up. Light turns red, they speed up even more. Sometimes three or four blow through the light, or they veer around slowing cars. Stopping for a yellow light just might get you hit from behind.

The two vehicles on the left speed through the red light on West Capitol Drive at North 60th Street. (Photo: Jim Stingl / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

But then two more vehicles behind them also run the red light. (Photo: Jim Stingl / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

This is the northwest side intersection where Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her was broadsided and killed early Tuesday as he drove home from work. 

Dante L. James, the man accused of hitting him, was on probation for his fourth OWI conviction. His license was revoked. He was going 62 mph west on Capitol and blew right through the red light. He was drunk again, more than twice the legal limit, said the charges filed Friday. And he ran from the crash scene.


OrbsCorbs said...

Come check out the intersection of Hwys 20 and 31. I hate the traffic around here.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee is a hell hole