Friday, June 28, 2019

Trump's attacks on the legal immigration system explained

Iowans rally against anti-immigrant bill.
Photo: AFSC / Jon Krieg

The Trump administration has been making changes both small and drastic to U.S. immigration policies. While Trump’s cruel policies at the border and his ramping up of deportations and ICE raids have garnered the most attention and outrage, his other efforts to transform legal immigration have been no less radical. As administration officials and conservative commentators have said, deportations alone may not halt the demographic changes taking place in the country -- so the administration is aggressively reshaping the legal immigration system.

Taken together, these policies support a white nationalist agenda. By keeping more people out, deporting people who are here, and creating an atmosphere of nativism and fear that affects everybody, Trump is attempting to dramatically reduce immigration to the United States, particularly of people of color.

Most people don’t support the Trump agenda – the majority of the public thinks that immigration is a good thing and shouldn’t be decreased. That’s why it’s important to understand and oppose the changes underway. Here is a running list of changes and planned changes to the legal immigration system.

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The bullshit that the left writes and posts.  They don't see immigration as an orderly process.  They believe it is racist to oppose the flood of illegals into our country.  Fuck them.  They are ignorant or, more likely, stupid.  Either way, I don't care.  I've lived my life and owe them nothing but my disdain.  Watch Foxconn hire a legion of illegals.  Then maybe the local left will wake up.  Or not - they despise the truth.


OrbsCorbs said...

Where is T.Rex on this?

legal stranger said...

Come into our country thru a vetted, orderly and safe process.