Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brett Favre Getting That Retirement Itch Again

"EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ—Although veteran Jets quarterback Brett Favre claims he still loves the game, dwindling enthusiasm and a desire to bow out while on top has him contemplating retirement again, Favre confirmed Monday."



kkdither said...

orbs, you are such a punk and one bad mam-ma-jamma. If you want to get a "oh, this is so wrong shudder, read this one....
Gotta love the onion...

Anonymous said...

I've always had the feeling that Farve will not make it through the season. Walking away from a game you love is very hard to do....been there done it. I would not be surprised that he announces his re-retirement before December. I would not also be surprised to see him ending up coaching a high school or jr college team in Mississippi.

What makes the Onion so funny is that they will nail anyone regardless of race, color, creed religion, sexual orientation, political, affiliation, age, gender anatomy size or lack thereof.

AvengingAngel said...

I love the Onion. They write in such credible terms that it just adds to the humor.

Hey Huck and Hale, here's one for you guys:


hale-bopp said...

Yeah, AA. That was being discussed in one of the science forums I frequent and the consensus was...loved it!

The radio show this American Life did a show titled Tough Room. One of the tough rooms they visited was a writers meeting at the Onion. Give it a listen (for free streaming) and you will get a glimpse why they are so consistently funny.

Lizardmom said...

Brett Favre is the new Brittany Spears, I am so tired of hearing about them. They are HUMAN, just like us, they deserve no special treatment or such people worship. She was a train wreck and nobody could get enough of it. SICK

He was almost worth all the hubbub when he was here, all that is fine and good. He gained insane brownie points with me when he shaved his head in support of his wife when she went thru cancer treatment.

Then he retired. It was an honorable thing to do, tears and all. That should have been the end of the story but no.......
(yes, at this point I was still a fan)

Brett started having fan worship withdrawal. Now we're on the egocentric end of taking a dive.
1st he wants to come back, talk about a slap in the face of the new guy poised to take the reigns.
That didn't sit well with me, no matter how bad he thought he missed it. Be a man and go enjoy retirement and your familiy quietly down south.

Then he's too good for Greenbay and off he goes. OK, diehard fans, you can't tell me you weren't a bit ticked at the lack of respect, but he shouldn't have come back as a starter anyways. He left, he comes back in not as high, that's fair.

OK, I'm sure I'm getting boo'd here but come on... this is the most self absorbed, and idiotic, midlife crisis on the planet.

To add insult to injury (listening to the non stop drama, that's just painful!), now he wants to wimp out because he's the old man on the team and they rest are younger -
gee Bret - DUUUHHHHHHHHHH! Yikes!

When did his mind and reasoning go to mush??? I've heard he's been trashing the Packers, now you just lost the teeny bit of respect I attempted to have.


OK, I'm putting my soap box away,
thanks for letting me rant,
I feel SO much better now :)

Sorry kk, I know you're a big fan but I can only hold back so much before I blow!!

kkdither said...

No Liz, I think it was all ugly and neither side should have gone to the media with the battle. It was all political. Just my opinion.

I do believe that Brett was treated wrong by GB management. I think he felt shoved out of the job in GB and accepted retirement as the only solution. Once retired, he found other people interested in him...and still wanted to play, but he needed GB to release him.

It was an nasty battle and both sides lost. I don't like to see Brett as a Jet; however, I'm still wishing him and Aaron the best.

sylvia said...

back to the onion - for some reason i never thought it was all that ha-ha funny - like maybe real life is much more hilarious... hysterically so.

watching favre as a jet on sunday was so quietly insane...