Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sign up list

After thinking about it, I am not sure if it will work using 'reply to all' for the get-together email 'sign up', as the original was sent using "BCC". So, we can try the open forum for it to be safe.

Here is what we still need...(a couple were claimed already!)
3 packs of brat or hot dog buns
2 packs hamburger buns
Condiments (minus onion - thats covered)
YOUR OWN BEVERAGES (just a reminder)
anything I may have missed
lawn chairs
bug spray

Now I know we're covered and everybody will have the same info
thanks again!!

LISA @ the Daily K - I tried emailing you but it came back, so I sent it thru your site to your partner(it didn't work using your link either :( ), and hope you both can make it.


Lizardmom said...

and if you forgot to RSVP, you can do a belated one here too, there is always room for more :)
I will email you with the info

Lizardmom said...

this one from Abby -

It's so good to still be included.......I feel so special.

I'll bring :

Hot gardenair ? Spelling? (not a clue what that is)
Anything I'm forgettting? Let me know..........



From SER - Munchies


From TimT - plates, napkins, sliced onion


From Drew - his BBQ chicken and buns (DREW, CHECK LIST FOR TYPE AND AMOUNT)

thanks guys, this is taking shape very nicely, sure makes my job alot easier!!

Lizardmom said...

oops, missed one - also from TimT - hamburger patties.
thanks Tim and everybody!!

kkdither said...

I'm thinking a cake or something chocolate... maybe a chocolate cake?

Yea, drew's chicken... yum!

Lizardmom said...

kk, sounds wonderful!

Timt49 said...


at the boys gonna be there to clean up the left overs?:)

] said...

Not sure why your emails aren't coming thru. We will be there, but a bit late. (John's son has a football game first)Ill bring a vegetarian dish of some sort, and whatever else I can think of.

ps I'll send you an email. Just add me to your book, and it shouldn't be a problem any more. (its weird, never had a problem with my addie!)

AvengingAngel said...

I deeply regret not being able to make it. I'll catch you all next time.

OrbsCorbs said...

Whatever you do, don't let Huck bring the mayo.

MinnesotaChick said...

Chances are... I may not make it.
Sorry. :(

If I do I will just bring some munchie stuff, so it doesn't interrupt the meal if we don't make it.

I got the email, so if we can get there.. I know where to find you guys.