Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The conservative ticket.

I think I'm going to vote Rep all the way. I've been thinking about it. Going to call it the tequila theory. Basically you let someone drink as much as they want and let the hangovers make them gun shy. I can't even smell tequila without getting nauseous after a mispent period of my youth.

I figure if an autistic child is hitting themselves with a hammer and refuse to stop no matter how hard you plead, give em the hammer and they will eventually realize it feels better to not hit themselves. After eight years of soothsaying that liberals would make a mess of things if given the keys all the while making a mess of things themselves, maybe conservatives just haven't hit themselves in the head often enough, or hard enough.

Except for the Madam, no one I know can portend the future. Saying so and so will do such and such is so much crystal ball tripe. I can't even know what a McCain/Palin ticket will bring. I do know what the past has brung and as they say, if you don't remember the past, you're bound to repeat it. Obviously we aren't remembering the past, so it's time to give the boy his hammer and let him wail away. Eventually things will be so screwed up, they will stop. Unless they've become addicted to this sort of thing. Now that is a sad and scarey thought.

Don't mind me, I can't sleep.

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Lizardmom said...

I love the logic and analogy Huck!! Eventually things should get figured out! :)