Thursday, September 11, 2008


Dedicated to the 3000 who lost their lives, the Fire and Police Departments and citizens who risked their lives to save others, and to the troops still fighting the war on terrorism.


Lizardmom said...

I will never forget, just as anyone who was around when Kennedy got shot, so will we remember where we were when this happened. Thanks for the video, I will be keeping that one for sure

AvengingAngel said...

Too many have forgotten, I, for one, cannot and will not.

Huck Finn said...

No one has forgotten. It's like how can you forget Pearl Harbor? 9/11 has been drummed into us so much some have started to question our leaders motives.

When one asks, how the war in Iraq is a war on teror, they are not forgetting 9/11, they are wondering how the date has become so bastardized for political gain?

I will never forget, but I won't soon forget how 9/11 was used to turn us against each other. How it was used to being us more towards a police state. How it was used to further our decline as a once powerful nation with debt for an unjust war.

Where is Osamma's head on a platter? Why has the war in Afganistan gone so far to shit while our attention was focused on the oil war? No, I won't soon forget.

It was my third day of classes in a hard driving college. As I finished getting ready for classes, my TV announced the first hit. I had back to back classes that day and my 2pm class was rather subdued.

I was oblivious to the second strike and to the collapse of both towers. When the professor announced it, he said it wasn't an act of war but an action of lawlessness. I said Bullshit, it is an act of war. Those that did it are at war with us, we just haven't woken up, but we will. For the rest of my time until I graduated, that professor and I never got along again.

Yes, we're at war with the terrorists, and I won't forget. I also won't forget how Bush turned it into an oil war and his cronism with Haliburton has helped bleed this country dry.

I won't forget how the saying, "You must be a liberal." became the mantra for extremism instead of level headed debate and thought. When anything was questioned, "You must be aliberal." was said over and over with more and more venom until we are now as we are. Pretty damned sad affair if you ask me.

I won't forget 9/11, nor will I forget how we were manipulated and played for fools.

RWWackoStu said...

Glad to see that Huck has turned a memorial to the victims into a rant. Nice job.

Lizardmom said...

boys, differing opinions is ok but today, play nice, we all mourned and continue to do so, no matter what other feelings we do have. This is not the day to argue, , now shake hands and get along.

hale-bopp said...

Come on, Stu. The accusation that people have somehow "forgotten" 9/11 is a political line that has been used in debates and speeches for years. If you use a political line, don't be surprised when things turn political. If you wanted to, you could have selected your words more carefully and had the memorial post you wanted.

If you wanted a memorial post, you should have written one.

I was working at Fermilab at the time. Some people left work since Wilson Hall is a 16 story building (proximity to downtown Chicago made me think we were not a target...Fermilab does no DOD work). Lunch was pretty somber, but we were already speculating on what the political response would be.

I lived in Aurora, Illinois and had to pass the big air traffic control facility on Indian Trail. All traffic was being diverted around it so I had to follow the detour which backed up traffic quite a bit. I took a different route to work the next few days to avoid the area until they reopened the road.

When I got home, I committed an act of defiance...I went for a run, just like I do most nights. It was a nice, slightly crisp fall night.

The terrorists have not stopped me from living my life. They have not made me live in fear of them. They have achieved victory over me.

RWWackoStu said...

WTF? For Christs sake, Im getting attacked for a 9/11 memorial video? I didnt accuse ANYONE of ANYTHING. Have You Forgotten is the name of the DAMN SONG. What the hell is wrong with some of you people. Does everything have to be all political all the damn time. All I wanted to say is that time sometimes makes us forget the shock and horror of what man can do to man. This day, Patriot Day is to honor the scarifice of the innocent victims, and service personnel who tried to save them. If somehow that comes off to you as a Right Wing statement against Obama, liberism or whatever, then your very very wrong.

SER said...

I don’t think it’s a matter of forgetting, I feel its people become too self-righteous, that’s why we got caught in the first place.

Huck Finn said...

Then I appologize Stu. Yes it can be a somber occasion. Have you forgotten, just set me off is all. It as a phrase was used way too much for too political of reasons. I did pause for several moments of silence today. I hope everyone took the moment to contemplate too.

hale-bopp said...

Stu, I was not trying to attack you, but merely wished to point out that sometimes words can take on a different meaning than you might have intended due to the way politicians have used them. It does not seem that was your intent.

Obviously, we have not forgotten.

Oh, and there should be a NOT in my last sentence there!

hale-bopp said...

Here's another interesting story...September 11th Memorials in Second Life.

I didn't go into Second Life today...don't frequent it too much. If you ever go in, I am Bopp Bravin.

AvengingAngel said...

If this day should be remembered for anything, it should be remembered for Flight 93.

Yes, the terrorists caught us off guard and got a few punches in, but, in typical American fashion, an act of supreme bravery and defiance took place that showed these terrorists the true nature of the American spirit.

I believe that the Americans on Flight 93 should be viewed the same as the Americans on Bunker Hill, on the Beaches of Normandy, on Mount Kurabachi, and the gates of Fallujah.

They exemplify the true greatness of this country.

Anonymous said...

We remember we were the victim of a vicious attack. We remember that many innocent people were killed. And we must remember it can happen again lest we forget.
There are those that haven't forgotten, but yet chose not to remember. The greatest honor we can bestoe on the memory of those that died, is to be vigilant, and never let it happen again.

Lizardmom said...

rw,i wasn't attacking you, your comment towards huck sounded like a mild attack beginning.i like and admire you both, and it was an emotional day, i felt i just needed to say something to try diffusing, sorry if i was misunderstood.

OrbsCorbs said...

hale-bopp, I was in Chicago that day. I rode down with a friend and we were going to visit the Field Museum before he had a doctor's appointment that afternoon. We talked all the way and didn't have the radio on. After we got on Lake Shore Drive, I kept seeing groups of police officers gathered at various locations. When we arrived at the museum, a policeman turned us away, saying the World Trade Center had been bombed and they were evacuating the Loop. My friend's appointment was west of downtown, so we drove right through it. Hundreds (thousands?) of people were leaving. I was desperate to get to a TV (the radio wasn't worth a damn). I finally saw one briefly at the medical complex.

It wasn't until I got home that evening that I could just sit and watch the footage on TV. And I did that for awhile. And then I couldn't watch it anymore. I just couldn't.

This past Thursday, I started to watch specials on the History Channel commemorating the event. Same thing happened. I started to watch, but then couldn't. Too hard to relive, I guess. I watched other stuff, surfed the net, played with the cat, and then checked back in now and then. They were rebroadcasting the stuff later that night and I thought about recording it, but then figured what for? I don't know if I could ever watch it, or want to.

There was a thing at the end documenting peoples' reactions and memories of that day. One guy talked about being traumatized by the event. He said he thought maybe he walked around in shock for a year afterward. I feel kinda like that. I think some people may take it more personally than others. After Kennedy was assassinated, my father was never the same. He had once been a proud immigrant who worked hard to earn his citizenship and the right to vote. After "his" president was killed, he never voted again.