Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chad Ocho Cinco

Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver #85 Chad Javon Ocho Cinco had his name legally changed from his birth name (Chad Javon Johnson) to his present. This stemmed from a desire to be addressed as Ocho Cinco. Though his record on the field is impressive, his super jock egocentric attitude of himself is greater. From the Wikepedia "He has earned nationwide attention for his flamboyant attitude, which is often seen during his infamous end zone celebrations after catching touchdown passes. In a list released in August 2006 by Fox Sports listing the top 10 showboats in professional sports, Chad topped the list." This is the kind of attitude that is starting to give the NFL a pro-wrestling image. I really wouldn't be shedding any tears if he were to have a career ending injury this season and have to face life as Chad Eight Five. Wouldn't it be great if the Bengals changed Ocho Cino's number to 86? I wonder how fast he would go off and get his name changed again.


kkdither said...

hale would be sad if he was injured. He was his fourth round pick for the IFL.

OrbsCorbs said...

I checked him out on YouTube: Can't Be Touched - Chad Ocho Cinco

I think some people get themselves so psyched up for a game that they may appear a little nuts. The beginning of the video reminds me of a young Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay), who would strut and rhyme and say such preposterous stuff before a fight and at the weigh-in that some people thought he was crazy. But he beat the hell out of everyone he faced. Boxing, though, is a one man show; football is a team sport. Legally changing your name to your jersey number seems a little over the top, too.

If Pro Football is devolving toward Pro Wrestling status, though, wrestling has been devolving toward the soap operas. There's always another rung lower on the ladder, it seems.