Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Irregular Football League Week one Recap

Welcome to the week one recap of the IFL. This is Howard Cosell talking to you from beyond the grave, channelling through Madame Zoltar. Lets go to the highlights of week one:

Behind 23 points from RB Frank Gore, the Raging holsteins tipped the Half-Astrophysicists 131.80 to 91.46.

In the biggest blow out of the day the Potato Heads eyed one out and peeled the Bad Wolf 125.79 to 61.95

With a week high 35 points from RB Michael "The Burner" Turner, the Fighting Mongrels mauled KK Krunchers 125.33 to 85.01.

The Racine Irregulars suffered through losing all world QB Tom Brady and ended up being rolled over by Orbs Obliterators 117.38 to 84.39

And in the tightest game of the week, Fantasy Football veteran The Debate Team was almost given a time-out by homemomof2 but ended up winning by a score of 91.31 to84.97

The standings after week one are:
1. Raging holsteins 1-0-0
2. Potato Heads 1-0-0
3. Fighting Mongrels 1-0-0
4. Orbs Obliterators 1-0-0
5. The Debate Team 1-0-0
6. Half-Astrophysicists 0-1-0
7. KK Krunchers 0-1-0
8. homemomof2 0-1-0 .
9. Racine Irregulars
10. Bad Wolf 0-1-0

The schedule for the following week is:

Week 2: Sep 9 - Sep 15

Fighting Mongrels vs Half-Astrophysicists

KK Krunchers vs Bad Wolf

Racine Irregulars vs Raging holsteins

homemomof2 vs Orbs Obliterators

Potato Heads vs The Debate Team

For now, Im Howard Cosell saying good night and god bless.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I seem to have gone into a channeling trance. What did I say?

Howard Cosell? I didn't put on a bad toupée, did I?