Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's Some Well Aged Beer

So you are a scientist out and you come across some amber. Inside the preserved amber, you discover some yeast that has been preserved for 45 million years or so. Cool! What is the first thing you think?

"I wonder if I can brew beer with that yeast?" The question was asked, the question was answered, and the answer is yes. Fossil Fuels Brewing Company is brewing beer with he 45 million year old yeast. Unfortunately, it looks like it is only being distributed in California so far (figures) but you can read all about it at the Washington Post.

Now there's science we can all get behind!

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kkdither said...

My brother is a malt chemist. You want to drink some excellent but wild beer? Hang with those guys... They actually talked me into eating some toasted barley one night. (It was interesting)

There is this one beer, can't remember the name, that is made with a pound of cherries. It is very good, just don't leave the house too early the next morning after drinking that one... if you follow my drift.