Sunday, January 21, 2018

How Much Do Taxpayers Spend on City of Racine’s Mayor Office?

A Mayor is popularly elected and needs no other qualifications that getting enough votes to have the position.

A City Administrator is an appointed position and requires some professional qualifications and real world experience.

When life was simpler, Mayors with minimal qualifications and experience could perform the duties and responsibilities necessary to operate a municipal corporation. Those days are long gone, so now a professionally educated City Administrator is necessary, meaning that the Mayor’s position is largely symbolic and a relic of simpler times.

The Argument shouldn’t be about if the Mayor’s position should be full time or part time because today’s Mayor is just a figurehead who presents an Image of the City he was elected to represent.  It should be an unfunded position for those who aspire to true public service – to remind the public what service to a Community is all about – selfless dedication, devotion, and commitment.

Alderman Melissa Lemke is correct in her thinking that the Mayor’s Position should be voluntary – when a City Administrator is present. The reason – cost – hides the truth that the Mayor is now an overpaid Figurehead, bloats the budget,  and that the Dignity of the Position should be reward enough in itself. But we do not live in an Altruistic Age – instead it is the Age of Greed.

 Former Racine Mayor and taxpayer shakedown artist John Dickert  artist epitomized greed  and selfishness – will Cory Mason step up and become altruistic; after all, his wife, Rebecca, is also the highly paid municipal Judge for City of Racine. This clearly spells disaster for City of Racine already overburdened taxpayers.

 One elected Mayor plus 2.5 appointed bureaucrats consume $460,020 in public resources to operate a City which is crumbling as it is being unindustralized,  enveloped in lawsuits for multiple failed developments, tax shifting via TIDS is out of control, and whose Police Department has been a leading source of lawsuits for violating civil rights, excessive force, shooting with unrestrained behavior, and murdering Dogs; with impunity; can only lead to one conclusion – City of Racine is a Criminal Organization – run by Criminals – for profit and gain.

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