Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Engaged couple charged with abuse, neglect of child"

From The Journal

Journal Times Staff

"RACINE — An engaged Racine couple was charged Wednesday for physical abuse of a child and child neglect after their 33-day-old son ended up with four head fractures and bleeding on the brain on Halloween. 

"Gest G. Wangsness, 30, and Krystal L. Hall, 25, both of 5300 block of Charles Street, took their son to the hospital just after midnight Monday, according to the criminal complaints.

"Hall had allegedly noticed that the boy's head was misshapen and decided to take the boy to Ascension All Saints Hospital. Medical staff then reportedly told the family the boy needed to be treated at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa and the family was transported via ambulance.

"When police arrived at the hospital, they were informed by a doctor that the baby had four fractures to his skull, a broken rib, three broken bones in his legs, the complaint said. The doctor also told police that these injuries could only occur from abuse.

"Hall and Wangsness were interviewed separately. Hall reportedly told police that she was on maternity leave and was with the boy 90 percent of the day since he was born. When informed of the injuries, Hall allegedly did not know how the injuries could have occurred."

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These bastards were probably abused as children themselves.  And the beat goes on.

"Photos: 'Traditional' pot farming, and why it could soon disappear"

From The Journal

"California voters will decide Nov. 8 whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use — an issue that has sown deep division among longtime growers.

"Down a winding mountain road in a remote redwood forest lies one of many illegal 'grows' that make up Northern California's famous Emerald Triangle, a rural region that developed over decades into a marijuana-producing mecca.

"Some of of the farmers here yearn for legitimacy that growers of legal crops enjoy. Others fear Proposition 64 will bring costly regulations and taxes, lower prices and the risk that corporate interests could put smaller operations out of business.

"'It will end traditional marijuana farming like this,' said Laura Costa, 56, sitting in the middle of one of four 40-plant gardens, puffing on a glass pipe. 'It will end our way of life.'

"While Costa and other Humboldt County growers are staunchly opposed to the ballot measure, other farmers in the region support it.

"'If we wait, we will fall behind,' says Swami Chaitanya, 73, a longtime grower in remote Mendocino County whose ranch is situated in a peaceful meadow of Hindu statutes and marijuana plants 5 miles down a tooth-rattling dirt road."

—Associated Press

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Just legalize it.  We're missing out on millions of tax dollars.  


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"Journal Times limits comments online"

From The Journal

"The Journal Times believes in the importance of open dialogue for readers and we have encouraged readers to comment online. However, because of one problematic commenter, we have had to recently limit comments.

"We have shut down comments on most stories, although we have left them open on our editorials and we are opening them on select articles to encourage discussion and hope to open up more stories if problems subside. If you read any inappropriate comments, please report them, by clicking the report button next to the comment.

"Readers can also comment on stories on The Journal Times Facebook page or send letters to the editor to The Journal Times at "

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Has The Journal Times Put the Kibosh on Online Commenting?


I look at the online Journal Times paper today and there now are stories you can comment on.  Thing is, no one is commenting. 
Originally published on Tuesday, October 27, at 7:40 PM:

I just was browsing the Journal Times when I noticed something: none of the stories have a commenting area at the end.  Maybe it's a computer glitch.  Maybe it's new policy.  Maybe I should put up more local stories in an effort to get more commentators here.

World Series!

Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night. It was the 10th inning they covered the field because a storm was coming. I seen that and I went to bed and when I woke up this morning I seen that the Cubs won 8-7 in the 10th inning. I am so happy.

It has been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs has won the World Series. I think this is way past due for the team and Congratulate them. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Optical Illusion

"Beth Israel Sinai Building Sold To True Life Ministries"

"Over $11.5 million in property changed hands between Oct. 23 through Oct. 28, including a Jewish Synagogue.

 "Beth Israel Sinai Congregation of Racine, 944 Main St., sold a .1 acre parcel of land and the building to Franksville-based True Life Ministries for $250,000.

 "Beth Israel Sinai, a Jewish congregation, owned the building since 1920. According to their newsletter, they closed Oct. 31. We’ll have a follow-up story on this."

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I don't trust True Life Ministries.

"Elmwood Plaza getting Save-A-Lot grocer"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Elmwood Plaza, which lost its last anchor store, Racine Produce, seven years ago, is getting a Save-A-Lot grocery store in its place.

"The Racine Building Department recently issued a renovation permit for the future store, which will occupy 31,000 square feet in the center of the long-struggling shopping center at 3701 Durand Ave. The project needs no other city approvals, said Chief Building Inspector Ken Plaski.

"It will be the city’s second Save-A-Lot; the other one, at 1500 State St., opened in December 2003. Its opening resulted from a concerted effort by city and economic development officials to bring a grocery store to Racine’s inner city.

"Save-A-Lot is considered a 'hard-discount' retailer with stores usually ranging in size from 12,000 square feet to about 20,000. It is currently owned by Supervalu, which has more than 3,400 owned, licensed, franchised and affiliated stores across the country. However, on Oct. 17, Minneapolis-based Supervalu announced it will sell Save-A-Lot for $1.4 billion to private equity investor Onex Corp."

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I don't think it's the best grocery store, but at least it is one.  I hope it lasts.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friends and enemies!  How are you?  Trick-or-Tr eaters had fine weather for the holiday.  Today was very nice, too.  It's supposed to be in the 50's and even 60's this coming week.  I'm OK with that.  I'm OK with that until next spring.  Of course, no one will let you try.  I bet I could sleep a month or so without any chemical help.  Give me some sedatives to take along the way and I might make the whole three months.  What's the purpose of exposing yourself to another harsh winter?  We must be masochists.

Above are the latest standings in the Irregular Football League.  Who cares, right?

I care that the Green Bay Packers lost to the Atlanta Falcons.  This weekend they face the Indianapolis Colts.  Good luck.

I'm sorry dears, but I'm just not up to a full blog.  You know I love you all.  Keep the good vibe going.

Worries?  Consult

Enjoy the great weather while it lasts.  You know, pretty soon well see the s-word.  O my!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Two Tunes Sung by Haley Reinhart

"Fines and Forfeitures"

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"A Pot in Every Garage"

From Shepherd Express:

By Art Kumbalek 8 hours ago

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? And yes sir, happy days are soon to be here once again for me, the first happy day commencing Wednesday, Nov. 9, a day I’d like to believe that I will receive not a nary one robo-loco phone call from some Republican Party minion asking me to support their radical-fruitcake anti-truth-and-common-sense agenda.

Cripes, the GOP tying up my telephone to ask me for my vote is like somebody calling up noted astrophysicist Stephen Hawking to peddle him a pair of Shake Weights. Forget about it. Neither one of us got the time nor patience for dumbbells. Life’s too short, I kid you not.

Listen, last weekend when the kids came by my place for trick-or-treat, instead of handing out some focking candy, I passed out useful advice, like “Never, ever mix good booze with soda” and “Get a job and buy your own focking candy.”

So what the fock, with a big-time scary National Election Day right around the intersected corner of “Do or Die,” I’ve got some advice for the American electorate whose trick-or-treat experience comes next Tuesday, Nov. 8. One word for you’s:


Got it? No excuses. Vote for the knoblin of your choice. And what the fock, if you’re out of work it’ll give you something to do. And don’t forget, voting won’t cost you a dime—yet. Of course, if big business and rich guys keep getting away without paying taxes, it’s only a matter of time ’til they’ll slap a user fee on the ballot box (and an extra charge for your voter-registration license), and the more dough you can shell out, the more times you get to vote. God bless America.

So vote now while it’s still focking free and open to any Tom, Dick or Dickless from sea to shining sea, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

'Tonkin Gulf Incident"

Submitted by TSE:

"It is the first week of August, 1964, and U.S. warships under the command of U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison have allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam's Tonkin Gulf. This event, subsequently dubbed the 'Tonkin Gulf Incident,' will result in the immediate passing by the U.S. Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which will, in turn, quickly lead to America's deep immersion into the bloody Vietnam quagmire. Before it is over, well over fifty thousand American bodies - along with literally millions of Southeast Asian bodies - will litter the battlefields of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. 

"Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison is the Father of Jim Morrison.

"The CIA ran a psych operation out of Laurel Canyon.

"We were all affected."

"City Administrative Costs"

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"Curt Johnson Divorced"

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Happy Birthday, Tender Heart Bear!

Happy birthday to one of the nicest people I know.  She (and drew) have helped me more times than I can remember.  I hope you have a great Halloween Eve birthday.