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Biden’s “Infrastructure Bill” Will Cost Twice as Much as 20 Years of War in Afghanistan

 People complain about the cost of the wars. But I’m starting to think they were a pretty good deal.

I’ve heard about the waste in Afghanistan my entire life. But it turns out, as I heard Bernie Sanders say on CNN this week, that it has only cost $2 trillion – total.

For comparison, the Joe Biden stimulus bill passed last month was $2.2 trillion. This upcoming “infrastructure package” is being sold as $2 trillion, but is actually going to be at least $4 trillion and may be up to $5 trillion – and beyond.

You see, people are confused about how government spending works. People think that $100 in spending is $100 in tax money. But the truth is this: it only costs 14 cents for the US government to print a $100 bill. That’s from the US Federal Reserve website, folks.

That means that our true spending is only 0.14% of the actual money spent.

And just think about the math there: they’re paying the printer in dollars.

So as long as the US takes in just 14 cents in taxes, they can print $71,400. You can use that money to print more dollars, and pretty soon, everyone on earth is rich.

Do you see? It’s not a problem.

Government spending is much cheaper than you think.

So if we can use a large military presence to protect feminism in Afghanistan for a mere hundred billion dollars a year – why not do it? We make more than that on the weapons that we sell ourselves!

There’s a huge mark-up on missiles, tanks, guns – all of it, and we’re buying these weapons from ourselves. Therefore, the war in Afghanistan not only costs nothing, it is actually making us all rich. If you’re not rich, then maybe you should have invested in arms stock?


COVID-19 Cases Have Risen 11 Percent Nationwide In The Past Two Weeks | TODAY

COVID-19 in Wisconsin: 943 new cases


Intermountain Healthcare answers questions on COVID-19, new moms

New Mexico's 'Godzilla Shark' gets a new name

SpaceX tapped to develop human lander for NASA's moon mission

Authorities investigate after blood clot death likely linked to AstraZeneca vaccine | ABC News

Global Covid-19 death toll passes three million mark

People in south Minneapolis feeling anxiety, hope ahead of jury deliberations

People In Baltimore Protest In Solidarity, Mourning Daunte Wright's Death

Buffalo police officer vindicated after 2008 termination

First guilty plea entered in Capitol riot investigation

Biden’s blunt opposition to marijuana legalization

As his own party moves ahead on the issue, the president remains opposed to legalization.

President Joe Biden speaks in the Treaty Room in the White House on April 14, 2021.
 Andrew Harnik/Getty Images

This month, something unusual happened: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took a stand against President Joe Biden.

The New York Democrat, typically a strong Biden ally, has transformed into one of the Senate’s biggest advocates for marijuana legalization, which Biden continues to oppose. But Schumer said he’ll move forward with his legalization bill anyway.

“I want to make my arguments to him, as many other advocates will,” Schumer said. “But at some point we’re going to move forward, period.”

Schumer is likely worried, at least in part, about a primary challenge from the left in the future — something Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has openly discussed.

But there’s a bigger issue here for Biden. Increasingly, the president is out of step with not just his party but the country and perhaps even most Republicans on marijuana legalization.

Marijuana legalization is extremely popular. Gallup and the Pew Research Center, two of the country’s leading polling organizations, have consistently found at least two-thirds of Americans back legalization.

Support is so high that, at this point, a majority of Republicans — who are generally more skeptical of drug policy reforms — may support it. Pew found 55 percent of Republicans back legalization. Gallup found a slim majority of Republicans supported it in 2017, 2018, and 2019. That reversed in 2020, but the difference between support and opposition among Republicans was still within the sampling margin of error. And, at any rate, a solid minority of 48 percent were behind it.

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Relatives of missing crew members meeting with NTSB, Coast Guard

US and Japan present united front against China over Asia Pacific

Outrage After Footage Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of 13-Yr-Old Adam Toledo | NBC Nightly News

Police identify man suspected of killing 8 people in an Indianapolis FedEx facility

Thefts of catalytic converters spike in Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities. What you can do to deter thieves.

From JSOnline:
James E. Causey
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Verna Taylor always took good care of her 2004 Toyota Sequoia, so when she cranked up her truck one morning to run errands, she knew the loud sound she heard wasn’t normal and drove straight to a nearby muffler shop.

“My truck sounded like a loud tractor or something,” Taylor said.

When the muffler shop hoisted the Sequoia on the lift, the mechanic quickly spotted the problem.

“Someone cut my catalytic converter," Taylor said. "I didn’t even know what a catalytic converter was before this.” 

The bigger surprise: a $1,500 price tag to fix it.

While Milwaukee police don’t break out stolen catalytic converters by category, they say stolen car parts — of which catalytic converters are the main target — are up significantly this year. As of April 11, there have been 497 “stolen car parts” reported, up 19% from the same time last year.

“For someone to just violate you like this makes you want to move from the area. I’m sick and tired of it,” Taylor said.

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Judas Priest - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (Live from the 'Fuel for Life' Tour)

Media Pushing Hard for Cunt Patrol to be Charged with Murder

I’m just going to go ahead and give this to the blacks: a taser is a lot different than a Glock.

The media is really stoking this theory that Cunt Patrol secretly planned to kill Good Boy on purpose, and staged the thing where she accidentally pulled a gun instead of a taser.

It is slightly shocking, although I guess it shouldn’t be.


Daunte Wright’s family joined community leaders in demanding more severe charges against the white former police officer who fatally shot the young Black man in a Minneapolis suburb, where hundreds of protesters again filled the streets in front of the police station.

The protesters — shouting obscenities, shaking the police station’s security fence and occasionally lobbing water bottles — began thinning out as the 10 p.m. curfew approached in Brooklyn Center.

Former Brooklyn Center police Officer Kim Potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter in Sunday’s shooting of Wright, 20, during a traffic stop. The former police chief of Brooklyn Center, a majority nonwhite suburb, said Potter mistakenly fired her handgun when she meant to use her Taser. Both the chief and Potter resigned Tuesday.

Potter — who was released on $100,000 bond hours after her Wednesday arrest — appeared alongside her attorney, Earl Gray, at her initial appearance Thursday over Zoom, saying little. Gray kept his camera on himself for most of the hearing, swiveling it only briefly to show Potter. Her next court appearance was set for May 17.

Wright’s death has been followed by protests every night this week outside the city’s police station, with demonstrators sometimes clashing with officers who have driven them away with gas grenades, rubber bullets and long lines of riot police.

While the Thursday night protest in Brooklyn Center focused largely on Wright’s death, some in the crowds noted it came hours after police in Chicago released graphic body camera video of an officer fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo, a Hispanic boy, in March.

“It is happening in every single city, every single day across the country,” Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told protesters early in the evening, before leading them in a chant of “Say his name! Adam Toledo!”″

Many critics of the police believe the race of those involved in the Wright shooting played a role in which charges were brought.

“If the officer was Black, perhaps even a minority man, and the victim was a young, white female affluent kid, the chief would have fired him immediately and the county prosecutor would have charged him with murder, without a doubt,” Hussein said earlier Thursday.

It might seem weird that CAIR is leading the charge here, but an Islamic role in BLM is something we’ve been speculating about for a while now.

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Atlanta Rhythm Section So Into You HQ Remastered Extended Version

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Friday, April 16, 2021

Dr. Ellerin on potential need for 3rd COVID-19 shot

COVID long-haulers are killing themselves as symptoms become too painful to bear — but support groups offer relief

A sign for a COVID-19 isolation centre in Markham, Ontario, Canada on April 14, 2021. 
Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

Months of suffering from "long-haul" COVID symptoms can cause sufferers to develop severe depression and anxiety, and even suicidal ideation. 

Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor's death by suicide last month highlighted COVID's severe toll on mental health. 

"After a battle with post-Covid related symptoms, including severe tinnitus, Kent Taylor took his own life this week," Taylor's family said in a company-issued statement Friday. 

"Kent battled and fought hard like the former track champion that he was, but the suffering that greatly intensified in recent days became unbearable," the statement continued. 

Taylor was among many who have struggled to cope with the debilitating long-term effects of COVID: Tinnitus, constant "brain fog" and memory loss, and endless fatigue.

These symptoms — and how people can manage them in the long term — are still being studied, as the number of COVID cases crosses the 30 million mark in the US. 

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OSIRIS-REx Leaves its Mark on Bennu

Houston native takes command of ISS

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are better than one

Pfizer CEO believes annual booster shots may be needed after vaccination | ABC News

IAEA to send team of experts to Fukushima, likely including S. Korean experts

Mike Lindell’s Patriotic Crap, Jim Jordan’s Relentless Stupidity & Matt Gaetz’s Shady Venmo

Defense Rests In Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News

Mike Pence undergoes successful pacemaker surgery

Man shot, killed by police after opening fire at San Antonio airport

Daunte Wright Shooting: Hundreds Gather Outside Brooklyn Center PD For 5th Night Of Protests

Footage released of fatal Chicago police shooting of teen | WNT

Adam Toledo ‘did not have a gun in his hand’ says family lawyer

Indianapolis shooting: At least eight killed at FedEx facility

Wisconsin couple sues over college grant program that is open to some minorities but not others

From JSOnline:wiscon
Patrick Marley
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - A Madison couple sued the state Thursday over a college grant program for minorities that they argue violates the Wisconsin Constitution. 

The suit, brought with the assistance of the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, contends the minority grant program operated by the state's Higher Educational Aids Board violates the clause of the state constitution that says everyone is equal. The grants are available to some minorities but not other minorities. 

Those bringing the lawsuit want the grants to be given out based on financial need, not race. 

Among those bringing the lawsuit are Konkanok Rabiebna and Richard Freihoefer of Madison. Rabiebna is from Thailand and Freihoefer is white. Their biracial teenage son does not qualify for the grant program.

“Government programs must be available to everybody, not just certain racial groups," Rabiebna said in a statement.

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Wisconsin Republicans won't allow medical or recreational marijuana, top Republican says

From JSOnline:
Patrick Marley
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - Republicans in the Legislature won't legalize medical or recreational marijuana, the leader of the state Senate said Thursday.

"We don’t have support from the caucus. That’s pretty clear, that we don’t have 17 votes in the caucus for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes (to) legalize it," Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu of Oostburg said, referring to the minimum number of votes needed to pass a bill in the Senate. 

LeMahieu and other Republican leaders for weeks have made clear they will not go along with Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' proposal to legalize recreational marijuana.

But some Republicans back medical marijuana and it appeared possible that legislation on that issue could get through the Legislature.

During a virtual question-and-answer session with WisPolitics on Thursday, LeMahieu made clear that wouldn't happen. Legalizing marijuana for medical reasons should be left to the federal government, he said.

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Mayor of Chicago Releasing 2 Week Old Video of Mexican Teen Shot by Police (UPDATE: Bodycam)


Bodycam was released.

I just watched Sean Hannity do a frame-by-frame analysis, and the kid has a gun that he throws just before he gets shot by the cop. They found weapon discharge particles on his hand.

The cop is an Iraq veteran, and maybe that is something we could talk about in “police reform” – this idea that we bring people back from Iraq and put them on our own streets. I don’t know that vets should or shouldn’t be cops, or the percentage of these incidents that involve vets, but it seems like something you’d maybe want to pull statistics on. Maybe there could be a process and testing that a soldier has to go through before he becomes a domestic cop? I have no idea if it is even a problem, but I do think that even normal white people feel that the police are way too aggressive, so we could look at that.

But instead, I guess we’re going to totally abolish the cops, and only have cops to arrest white people who are mean to blacks they catch menacingly stalking through their front yards.

Original article follows.

Methinks this is probably not a recent photo.

What the heck is this crap?

It’s supposed to be BLACK LIVES MATTER. That means Mexican lives don’t matter, okay?

Anyone who gets sad about a Mexican boy dying is no better than a QAnon insurrectionist. 

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And Now Proof: Covid Vaccines are MORE DANGEROUS Than Covid

 I suspected the data would be forthcoming showing this given the VAERS reports and now we have it:

Using an electro nic health records network we estimated the absolute incidence of cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) in the two weeks following COVID-19 diagnosis (N=513,284), or influenza (N=172,742), or receipt of the BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccines (N=489,871).

The incidence of portal vein thrombosis (PVT) was also assessed in these groups, as well as the baseline CVT incidence over a two-week period. The incidence of CVT after COVID-19 diagnosis was 39.0 per million people (95% CI, 25.2–60.2). This was higher than the CVT incidence after influenza (0.0 per million people, 95% CI 0.0 – 22.2, adjusted RR=6.73, P=.003) or after receiving BNT162b2 or  RNA-1273 vaccine (4.1 per million people, 95% CI 1.1 – 14.9, adjusted RR=6.36, P<.001).

Wait a second.... you said the vaccines are more dangerous yet the data says that Covid-19 is ten times as dangerous as the vaccine for the same condition.  So how can the title of this article be correct?

Simple: For every reported infection somewhere around ten are not reported.  Either they're completely asymptomatic (about 30%) or mild enough that the person in question does not identify it as potentially Covid-19 and thus does not get tested.

Yet both of the latter confer immunity just as does a symptomatic case.

Further, you're not guaranteed to get the disease.  You are guaranteed to take the risk if you get the shot.  Therefore we must adjust for the risk of contracting the disease which is not certain; you may have already had it and not know it and, in addition, you may have cross-reactive immunity.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

The great gap in vaccinations | COVID-19 Special

New test reveals if COVID-19 vaccine has produced antibodies needed for immunity

NASA Ingenuity flight delayed again

FBI accesses computers across the US to delete Microsoft Exchange hacks

Never-before-seen photos of Prince Philip released ahead of funeral | 9 News Australia

U.S. spy chiefs warn of 'unparalleled' China threat

Study: Brazil's COVID-19 variant mutating, may become more dangerous | ANC

Bernie Madoff Dead In Prison At 82: Looking Back At His Ponzi Scheme Impact | NBC News

VERIFY: What experts say you can and cannot do after you are vaccinated

‘Enlarged heart’, not knee, caused Floyd’s death: Defence expert

Trump Fanboy Matt Gaetz’s Wild Sex Parties & Bachelor Colton Comes Out

Soldier charged after video of confrontation with Black man

Officer won’t be charged in Capitol riot shooting, prosecutors say

White House to announce new Russia sanctions in retaliation for election interference, cyberattac…

Taliban wants all foreign troops out by May 1

Daunte Wright shooting: Fourth night of unrest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

Submitted by Jimmygreen:

A few friends have asked my thoughts on the covid jab(s) so I thought it was time to write an article on the topic.

All my friends had not heard most of the details I shared, so I figured you might appreciate hearing some of what I told them.

Knowing how contentious this issue is, part of me would rather just write about something else, but I feel like the discussion/news is so one-sided that I should speak up.

As I always strive to do, I promise to do my best to be level-headed and non-hysterical.

I'm not here to pick a fight with anyone, just to walk you through some of what I've read, my lingering questions, and explain why I can't make sense of these covid vaccines.

The Pipefitter closes up shop after nearly 50 years

The Pipefitter website on April 14, 2021, following the announcement the store would close permanently.(The Piperfitter)

 MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - After nearly fifty years, The Pipefitter is closing its doors for good.

With an oh-so-appropriate “what a long, strange trip it’s been,” the store’s owners announced Tuesday on Facebook that the counterculture staple on State Street would shut down. It first opened its doors in 1972.

“We met three nostalgic generations of shoppers who became a part of the evolution of our industry,” the post read, in part. “There’s really nowhere else like State Street. We sure will miss the eclectic characters and the progressive politics. Thank you for the memories!”

The post did not specifically indicate the reason for the closure, saying only it was a “hard decision” after “a difficult year.”

The store’s website, while still active, only displays a message indicating it has closed with no timeline for reopening. The link on the Facebook page now directs fans to The Pipefitter’s sister-store, Blue, at 7223 W. Greenfield Ave.

The owners also pointed out that the flagship stop, Satori Imports, at 411 N. Main St., in Oshkosh, is “worth the drive.”


'Bring awareness to the racial inequity': Ripon College embraces diversity with mural

Ripon College students work on a mural on the side of Johnson Residence Hall Monday with the message “Diverse Not Different.” The mural faces Thorne Street and has the goal of bringing awareness to racial inequity.

 A 4-foot by 26-foot mural celebrating the message of diversity went up this week at Ripon College.

Primer was applied last week, with painting starting Monday on the side of Johnson Residence Hall facing Thorne Street.

The mural is effectively be on campus while still being visible to anyone in the city of Ripon.

Painting II students of Professor of Art Rafael Francisco Salas submitted proposals for the design, which then were sent to diversity groups on campus for feedback. The winning design is by Bailey Zanck ’22 of New Berlin, Wisconsin.

 “The goal of this project is to bring awareness to the racial inequity that plagues modern society through the use of a large-scale mural on Ripon College grounds,” Zanck says. “The anticipated outcomes for this project include the increase in awareness on the topic of racial inequity as well as the backlash that often follows this discussion.

"Through implementing the mural, however, I hope to alleviate some of the tension by starting a conversation.”

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#FreePentland: White Man is Charged with Some Crime After Good Boy Refuses to Leave His Front Yard!

In this incredible and outrageous video footage just released on Twitter, a white supremacist male tries to “catch and kill” a good boy who was not doing nothing.

Watch this video, and then you’ll understand what racism looks like in everyday life.

No but seriously – I can’t even do satire about this. I can’t think of how I would do it.

This has developed into a huge story – here’s the Daily Mail style summary:

  • Someone posted a video of a good boy loitering in a front yard in a suburb and a white man asking him to leave and then getting appropriately aggressive when he refused.
  • The man was doxed.
  • He was arrested and charged with a crime.
  • Protesters showed up at his house.
  • Cops had to remove his family from the neighborhood because the black rioters were going to destroy the town.
  • This is everything that we predicted for the summer of 2021 coming into view. They’re coming for the suburbs.

This video shows a creepy black man, hunched over and shady as hell, in some white guy’s yard puttering about. The video starts after the man has clearly spent some time trying to get this character out of his yard.

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