Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Racine County DA Cited for OWI, Hit & Run"

From Racine County Eye:

"Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete received municipal citations Friday night for both operating while intoxicated and hit and run.

"The accident reportedly happened at the intersection of Melvin and Main Streets in the City of Racine near Chiapete’s home.

"Chiapete released a statement apologizing for the incident Saturday morning.

“'I exercised extremely poor judgment on many levels. I did receive municipal citations for OWI and Hit & Run,' the statement reads, 'I take full responsibility for my actions. I am ashamed and embarrassed.'

"Racine Police Chief Art Howell confirmed the citations were issued.

“'We did issue citations to (Mr. Chiapete) following a property damage accident,' Howell wrote to Racine County Eye in an email.

"This is Chiapete’s first offense for both the OWI and the hit and run charges. Howell explained that when an accident does not involve other parties and does not result in any injuries, officers are given the discretion to issue citations instead of elevating the charges to a state level.

"Howell said a full press release – including his statement – is expected early Saturday afternoon.

"Here is Chiapete’s statement in full:
"I wanted to contact you with this information immediately. I did not want you to hear it from some other source. Last evening, I was involved in a single car accident near my house. I was coming home from a birthday party and had a few drinks. I did initially panic and leave the scene. I exercised extremely poor judgment on many levels. I did receive municipal citations for OWI and Hit & Run. I take full responsibility for my actions. I am ashamed and embarrassed. I apologize to my family, to the law enforcement community and to all of the citizens in our community. This should not have happened and I pledge to work hard to restore your faith in me."
"We will update this story as more information becomes available." 

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Press release:

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Ar, arooooo! Arooooo!

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Cats seized from Caledonia neglect case now available for adoption"

"RACINE – Several cats who were removed from a home in Caledonia due to suspected animal mistreatment are now available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society Racine Campus, and the organization is asking for the public’s help in finding them good homes.

“'Six of the cats have been medically cleared to go into our adoption program, after treatment for conditions ranging from dental issues to respiratory infections,' said Alison Kleibor, director of the Racine Campus. 'They are so deserving of loving families and we hope to place them soon.'

"There is no fee to adopt an adult cat at the Wisconsin Humane Society, and they do same day adoptions M-F 12-8 and Sat 10-6. The cats who are healthy enough to be placed will remain in the adoption program until they find a new home. Animals in the WHS adoption program have as long as it takes to find a new home – there are no time or space limits.

"Most of the cats are seniors ranging from 7 to 14 years old, which Kleibor states makes it more challenging to find them homes. 'Many people are looking for kittens or younger cats to adopt, but we know that some people love to provide seniors with happy retirement homes. It is so rewarding to share your home with a kitty in her golden years.'
"Available animals can be viewed on their website and filling out an adopter profile online will help expedite the adoption process. More information can be found at or by calling the WHS Racine Campus at 262-554-6699."

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"Downtown Racine Murder Victim Not Shot In Head"

From Racine Exposed:

"With no disrespect to the Families involved, he may not have been shot in the head, but the Downtown Racine murder victim is still dead."

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Envi is the name of the bar near where a young man was murdered

The man was a patron of Envi. He got his car to pick up his friends, who were in Envi.  He was returning to Envi when he was shot.

The Journal Times and the City of Racine are bending over backward to avoid naming the bar near where the shooting occurred.  That's because Doug Nicholson, the owner of Envi and the Ivanhoe, is a very good friend of the mayor's.  He even flies overseas with hizzoner on trips.

Racine police are told to ascribe problems at Envi to "the 300 block of Main St."

There was a shooting outside of Tequila Bar.  They were shut down.  There was a shooting 7 blocks away from Viper's Lounge.  They were shut down.  But the owners of Tequila Bar and Viper's aren't white, so they got shafted.

Again, the name of the bar near where the shooting took place is Envi.  It's owned by a pal of the mayor, so murder doesn't matter there.   

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! It has been a long and dreary week... Not a whole lot of sunshine.Looking forward to the sunny weekend! Anyways, your questions!

1) Do you respond to phone surveys?

2) What is the one item do you cherish from your childhood?

3) What and when was the last state park you have been to?

4) What is your favorite off the grill?

Enjoy your weekend!

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She must have the longest legs.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poll - "Readers: Low Voter Turnout Caused by Lack of Coverage"

From Racine County Eye:

"By the time all of the ballots were counted and the county website was updated, total voter turnout in Racine County for the April 2014 election Tuesday was a dismal 12 percent.

"East of I-94 the turnout was even lower, at about 10 percent. This baffled us. Two years ago we had six elections including the recall elections, which resulted in 80 to 90 percent voter turnout. And Denise and I will never forget covering all of those rallies at Gorney Park and in downtown Racine. People were angry, but engaged. And although we never like seeing friends lose friends over politics we decided to dig a little deeper on this issue.

"So on the Racine County Eye Facebook page, we asked … what gives?

"A rather high percentage of you claimed to not have enough knowledge and blamed the lack of media coverage.

“'I do get the paper, but found little in it about the candidates and barely any contests to vote on. First time I didn’t vote in a number of years,' one reader said.

"Another Facebook follower agreed.

“'I do not think the election was publicized enough. I really had no clue about it until Monday,' they said.

"But you know what? We don’t accept that reasoning and here’s why: voting should be a treasured right, and claiming to not have the information you need because it wasn’t delivered to you isn’t good enough. Citizens of this community have a responsibility to get informed, get to the polls and vote.

"Another one of our Facebook friends pointed out that apathy at the polls often leads to greater problems down the road.

“'Apathy is running wild and has been for a long time the end result will not be pleasant,' they said.

"We agree, and we have to say that we also agree that if you don’t participate in the process, then you also don’t get to complain about the results. As another reader said, 'Don’t vote, don’t (expletive).'”

# # # # # 

"About the author: Heather Asiyanbi
Heather Asiyanbi
"Heather Asiyanbi is a journalist with over 20 years of experience; 12 of them spent covering the Villages of Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant."

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# # # # #

This poll is not part of the Racine County Eye story above:

Manfred Mann - "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"

Bring back the 60's, man.

Marvin Gaye - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" (A capella)

Thank you, Mr. Gaye.

Open Blog - Thursday

Will do, Yosemite Sam.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my Polka Partiers!  How are you?  We’ve seen a little more sun and even felt a little warm up, but spring still seems far away.  The twittering of birds and the lengthening of the daylight are all that give me hope.  The frost line runs deep during such a winter.  The spring melt off might be more than the frozen/saturated soil can tolerate.  Then come the floods.  Oh my.  Why such negative thinking, girl?  I think the winter ice in my heart needs to melt more.  Mr. OrbsCorbs said in yesterday’s Open Blog that the managers of his apartment building are moving to Florida.  That sounds very inviting after a winter like this one, very inviting.

Señor Zanza and Junior have kept up the spring cleanup of our yard and home.  Unfortunately, three gentlemen from ICE stopped by to see the Señor.  I say unfortunately because it usually takes four or more to make into enough fertilizer for the yard and garden. 

Ha-ha!  Belated April Fools’ Day!  The people from ICE haven’t bothered the Señor in years.  Given what happened last time, I don’t think they’re too eager for a return bout, I mean, visit, either.

I hope that you did your civic duty and voted yesterday.  I sent mine in telepathically. 

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
By now, I assume that you’ve heard of Hank, the stray dog that’s become a team mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers.  The JSOnline is reporting that Hank is doing well after his recent surgery: “Hank the Brewers dog OK after surgery; headed to disabled list” -

Oh dear, I didn’t realize what type of surgery it was until I read the article.  Poor Hank.  It happens to the best of them.  This also ensures that there won’t be any young Hanks and/or young Henriettas to lay claim to his estate.   

It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

Too bad that some of our celebrities and public officials don’t follow Hank’s lead.

Can you feel the love?  I can.  I love you all, except for “some of our celebrities and public officials.”  Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my blog today.  I adore attention.

Who should and shouldn’t reproduce?  Find out:

Enjoy each glorious spring day, my dears.  Temperatures in the 40’s feel warm now, but they feel cold in the fall.  If you know of any prayers or rituals that will hurry the arrival of spring, please say or perform them now.  I don’t want to still be waiting for spring in June.  Sacerdotal!    

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Iggy Pop - "Real Wild Child (Wild One)"

After drew's Four For Fridays questions last week, I've been listening to the radio some in the truck. Just as I was nearing home, WXRT (once an "underground" station) started playing this song. I haven't heard it in years, but I love Iggy.

Vote Today

Vote till it hurts.

Open Blog - Tuesday

Watch out for fools.

Monday, March 31, 2014

"Meet the Washington Mudslide Rescue Dogs"

Washington National Guard, Spc. Matthew Sissel/Associated Press
"As the search for missing persons in the aftermath of a massive mudslide in Washington enters its second week, some searchers will be taking a much-needed break.

"Rescue dogs, who have been essential in the search for victims of the mudslide that hit Oso, Wash., on March 22, will be getting some rest after working long hours in the cold and rain, rescue crews said Sunday. The dogs can lose their sensing ability if overworked, officials said, according to the Associated Press."

Read more:

You can see all the weariness and sorrow in that dog's face/demeanor.


"The famed Bald Eagles from Decorah, Iowa are back on their nest and ready to start a new family! World famous and live streamed via the internet by the Raptor Resource Center, anyone can view the parents raise their eaglets from egg to fledglings from the comfort of their homes. Using inferred cameras and microphones, the eagles can be seen around the clock during the nesting season, which starts in January or February and runs till June."

Read more:

See the eagles:

Local Loyalty - Razor Sharp

Welcome back!
This week, we visit
I visited the one at 7300 Washington Ave. 
They also have one at 3 Mile Road and Erie Street,
in the Shorecrest Shopping Center
The one in Shorecrest is a 24 hour facility.
Our Washington Ave. location's hours are - 
Mon. - Thurs. 5am-10pm
Fri. 5am-9pm
Sat. 7am-7pm
Sun. 7am-5pm

The Washington Ave location has been there since Feb. 2003. 
That seems like just yesterday, and I live right over here!
The Shorecrest location has been there 2 years. 
My mom is enrolled in a Silver Sneaker program for seniors, and I found out they host those right there in Razor Sharp. There was a class going but I didn't see dear ol' mom, have to give her a hard time about that one!

They started out, because they saw a need for a good fitness center here in town. Their goals are to help people live healthier lives, no matter what their needs are, they can be met. They offer everything for any need or goal and have all certified trainers to help you in whatever area you may need. They have all kinds of equipment, tons of classes, a gym, an indoor walking track, and salt water pools - no chlorine! Check out their website (above), for even more details.

Everyone there is very warm and friendly, I felt very welcomed, just walking in the door, and they didn't know me from Adam, or anyone else!

The 3 words chosen for Razor Sharp - 
1. Community
2. Clean
3. Friendly.
Lots of windows keep it bright and cheery. 
Lots of nature to look out and see. 

A very special thanks to Terri for sharing of your time with me :)
If you stop in, please let them know you saw it here!!

Last snow fall

Let's hope our last is behind us!

Open Blog - Monday

Being honest and open is healthy.