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Property Tax Deadbeats of Ratcine

Tommy Chong's Unaired Lincoln Ad

The Queen's Christmas Broadcast 2020

Online store stops selling "Free Kyle" merchandise to pay for defense after Kenosha shooting

ANTIOCH, Ill. -- An online store has stopped selling merchandise supporting an Illinois teen who killed two people and wounded a third during a Wisconsin protest.

Prosecutors have charged 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse with multiple counts in the August shootings in Kenosha.

Rittenhouse maintains he fired in self-defense and some conservatives have praised him.

The Kenosha News reports that his family started selling "Free Kyle" merchandise through Printify last week, saying the money would go toward his legal defense.

According to a statement on Twitter, Printify terminated the family's account. The company says it doesn't want to be associated with such a contentious case.

Kimberley Motley, an attorney for one of the men Rittenhouse shot called the merchandise "disgusting."

2 Colorado liquor store merchants sentenced for providing alcohol to someone visibly intoxicated before a deadly crash

Vehicle occupied by victims Nichole Gough (driver), and Benjamin Mitton (passenger), after the crash.(5th District Attorney's Office)

 BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (KKTV) - Two liquor store merchants are paying the price for their role in a deadly crash in 2019.

The Office of the District Attorney for the Fifth Judicial District in Colorado publicly announced the sentences for 26-year-old Cody Moral and 28-year-old Avran Lefeber on Friday. Both people were sentenced on Tuesday for providing alcohol to someone visibly intoxicated, a misdemeanor.

On Aug. 30, 2019, both Moral and Lefeber were running the register at the Breckenridge Market and Liquor Store. The DA’s office is reporting they sold Lindsey Ward some beer and tequila. Ward got behind the wheel of a car and caused a crash that claimed the lives of Benjamin Mitton and Nichole Gough.

“Defendant Ward admitted to drinking the day of the fatal crash at the Breckenridge Golf Course, and video surveillance there showed Ward consuming mixed drinks earlier in the afternoon up to an hour before driving, including liquor shots and a beer,” a release from the District Attorney’s Office reads. “After leaving the golf course, she drove to the Breckenridge Market & Liquor Store, and appeared ‘tired’ to Moral and Lefeber at checkout. The men offered her a ride home, but Ward refused.”

Following the crash, the blood alcohol level for Ward was measured at .29, well over the legal limit to operate a vehicle in Colorado of .08.

“Although Ms. Ward did not consume the alcohol she bought from Moral and Lefeber, they knew she didn’t appear normal and had a duty to not sell to her at that time,” said Stephanie Cava, Deputy 5 th Judicial District Attorney.

Summit County Judge Edward Casias chose the sentence of $800.00 in Court costs and fines, that Moral and Lefeber must both complete a TIPS (Training For Intervention Procedures) class, and write an apology letter to the victims’ families.

Copyright 2020 KKTV. All rights reserved.


For once, the people peddling booze are held responsible for their actions.

LA County Hospitals In A Crisis On Christmas Day As Officials Beg People To Stay Home

Execution date for Lisa Montgomery in question following new court ruling

Dr. Fauci surprised with 'Happy Birthday' song from EMS workers

Trump gives America chaos for Christmas

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump depart the White House on Wednesday. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

MILLIONS OF Americans have acquitted themselves admirably during 2020, rising to the 12-month national challenge caused by a deadly coronavirus pandemic that remains to be resolved. Even Congress outperformed many expectations, passing two bipartisan pandemic relief measures: the $2.2 trillion Cares Act in March and a $908 billion follow-up measure Monday night.

Yet instead of rewarding this good behavior, President Trump has given the United States chaos for Christmas. Denouncing the bill, and then decamping from Washington for his Florida home with scant time left on Congress’s legislative calendar, he has gratuitously created the possibility of a veto that could not be overridden. Potential consequences include a government shutdown and — just as unthinkable — failure to deliver crucial support for the unemployed, small businesses and public health.

Mr. Trump demands direct payments of up to $8,000 for families of four earning as much as $150,000, which is far more than the $600-per-person his own negotiators agreed to and which would cost an additional $370 billion. The president’s last-minute dealbreaking was too much even for the usually Trump-compliant House Republicans. They quite rightly shot down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) attempt to pass the extra money by unanimous consent Thursday. We can hardly fault Ms. Pelosi for taking a free shot at the GOP after Mr. Trump embraced the politically popular idea of free money for voters, but the cause of bigger “stimulus checks” is not remotely worth blowing up Congress’s overall compromise. Sending billions of federally borrowed dollars to families earning twice the median income is the opposite of progressive and would not even stimulate the economy very much, since experience shows higher earners are likely to save the money, not spend it.

Read more:

Nashville bomb: ‘Human remains’ found near site where RV exploded


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Friday, December 25, 2020

Nashville PD provides an update on 'significant' explosion

Merry TAXMAS! From Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason!

Do you need to get both COVID-19 vaccine shots from same manufacturer?

Hospital Workers Start to ‘Turn Against Each Other’ to Get Vaccine

From The Nrw York

“I am so disappointed and saddened that this happened,” a New York hospital executive wrote to his staff after workers who did not have priority cut the line for the vaccine.

Credit...Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

At NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, one of the most highly regarded hospitals in New York City, a rumor spread last week that the line for the coronavirus vaccine on the ninth floor was unguarded and anyone could stealthily join and receive the shot.

Under the rules, the most exposed health care employees were supposed to go first, but soon those from lower-risk departments, including a few who spent much of the pandemic working from home, were getting vaccinated.

The lapse, which occurred within 48 hours of the first doses arriving in the city, incited anger among staff members — and an apology from the hospital.

“I am so disappointed and saddened that this happened,” a top executive at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, Dr. Craig Albanese, wrote in an email to staff, which was obtained by The New York Times.

Read more:

Some nursing homes prefer COVID-19 jabs to be given on-site

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Pose With Son Archie For Christmas Card | TODAY

What is the difference between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines?

China sends millions of COVID vaccine doses to several countries

Holiday packages remain stuck at USPS Oak Creek facility

COVID-19 vaccine in Latinx community

Rittenhouse Selling Merch To Pay For Defense

Germany reports first Case of U.K. Covid Variant | Corona Spread | Latest News | WION News

UPS employee accused of killing co-worker in truck faces judge, held on $2 million bond

CDC To Require UK Travelers To Test Negative Starting Monday

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine causes painful side effects in patients who have facial fillers | ABC7

Covid Relief Package In Limbo After GOP Blocks Bigger Stimulus Payments | NBC Nightly News

Trump Pardons Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Charles Kushner And Others | NBC Nightly News

Carmel doctor dies after COVID-19 fight, said IU North discriminated against her

Hospital releases video showing dire COVID crisis in California

Breaking down President Trump's final weeks in office

Sauk County man arrested for OWI 10th offense

From JSOnline:

Bill Glauber
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Sauk County man was arrested Thursday for operating a motor vehicle under the influence 10th offense, the Wisconsin State Patrol said.

Clarence Gage, 77, of North Freedom, was arrested in Dane County after the state patrol received a report of a vehicle driving the wrong way on the ramp from I-39/90 east bound to Highway 12/18 westbound. He was sentenced to three years in prison in 2017 for his 9th OWI. 

Traffic cameras were used to follow the vehicle and troopers made the stop early Thursday night.

"Upon making contact with the driver, troopers observed multiple signs of impairment," the state patrol said in a news release. "After administering Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, the driver was arrested for OWI 10th offense, and was taken for an evidentiary blood draw."


Ex-Apple Engineer Unveils "Glitterbomb 3.0" Device To Combat Porch Pirates

From ZeroHedge:

Tyler Durden's Photo
THURSDAY, DEC 24, 2020 - 21:00

This year has been awfully stressful for retailers and package delivery companies, strained by the virus pandemic surge in e-commerce. About three billion packages will traverse the country's shipping infrastructure this year - about 800 million more than last year, leaving many packages, once delivered to consumers, susceptible to porch pirates. 

Former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober spent the last three years developing the "Glitterbomb" device to combat porch pirates or anyone who steals packages from doorsteps. 

Evolution Of The Glitterbomb Device 

Days ago, Rober released the "Glitterbomb 3.0" in a YouTube video, which he explains holds more glitter, has four canisters of fart sprays, added LED strobes, wireless charging on a doormat, and handles laced with glue. 

The goal of the Glitterbomb 3.0 is to bait and track porch pirates with the device's GPS and record the moment when thieves open the box, disguised as Bose headphones. 

Rober said he sent the Glitterbomb 3.0 to "houses all across America" to capture porch pirates. 

The fun begins around the seven-minute mark of the video, where scenes of people stealing the box from porches transitions to them opening it at home. 

When the porch pirates open the box, a glitter bomb explodes, putting them in a daze. Then the device sprays them with skunk spray and blinds them with ultra-bright LEDs, while cameras embedded within capture and log the video onto the cloud as GPS logs their location. 

So how do you buy one of these things? 


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Thursday, December 24, 2020

New mutated coronavirus from South Africa is "highly concerning" - BBC News

Bodycam footage shows police officer shooting unarmed Black man in Columbus, Ohio

COVID: Stimulus Could Be Delayed As Trump Blasts $600 Checks

Poverty, Politics and Profit (full film) | FRONTLINE

Trump refuses to sign coronavirus relief bill, demands $2,000 checks

Zeitgeist (2007)

NORAD's Santa Tracker

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Harris: Democrats Wanted to Give Americans More than $600 in Covid Relief


Submitted by Jimmygreen:

This documentary was done in August of 2020. When I first came out I thought it was a little over-the-top. However, what she says is correct. And now after the election you can see the connections. This was a CIA operation conducted within our own government by elected and non elected officials. By the way you cannot find this video anywhere on social media.

Trump blasts COVID-19 economic relief package and demands changes

Members Of Congress Face Backlash For Being Among First To Receive Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

That's right, the pigs in Congress are getting vaccinated before residents of nursing homes.  Pigs run this country.  This proves it.  Just shut up and take it.  You always do.

NASA Perseverance Arrives on Mars 2-18-21! (Trailer)

Louisville's music venues hopeful as Congress passes 'Save our Stages' Act

DOJ Sues Walmart for Ignoring Pharmacy Warnings Over Painkiller Prescriptions

A Wisconsin hospital promised to stop suing most patients during the pandemic. Then it filed 200 lawsuits.

From TMJ4:

Photo by: Claire DeRosa / Wisconsin Watch/Claire DeRosa
Medical debt has long triggered financial stress and bankruptcies in the United States. Many financially struggling patients remain unaware of hospital charity care programs, or they are overwhelmed by paperwork necessary to qualify. Bills can be hard to decipher and confusing to pay. And when debts end up in court, few defendants have legal help.

Posted at 5:35 PM, Dec 21, 2020
and last updated 5:35 PM, Dec 21, 2020

WISCONSIN — Alysa Gummow didn’t know what to think in October when the letters from bankruptcy law firms arrived in the mail. She had filed for bankruptcy in 2017 to restructure nearly $50,000 in debt — mostly stemming from a hip surgery two years earlier. But that was resolved. Why was she getting these letters now?

The 37-year-old opened one of the envelopes to learn that Froedtert South hospital said she owed about $1,000 in medical bills. The Kenosha, Wisconsin hospital was suing her to recover costs that her high-deductible health insurance did not cover.

A man visited her home a few days later to make the lawsuit official. He seemed pleasant enough, Gummow recalled, before he delivered the stilted message: “You’ve been served.”

Although the coronavirus was increasingly infecting and killing Wisconsinites — and spiking hospitalizations — the man serving papers from the hospital wasn’t wearing a mask. Still recovering from an April bout with COVID-19 that she called a “nightmare” but “manageable,” Gummow wasn’t concerned about catching the virus. But encountering a stranger without a barrier between them felt odd, so she spoke to him through a window before reaching around the door to accept the legal papers.

In April, Froedtert South said it would make debt lawsuits “rare” during the pandemic. But the hospital has since filed at least 231 lawsuits in small claims court against debtors like Gummow. In fact, it filed more in 2020 than it did in 2019 — 314, compared to 282.

This year’s lawsuits collectively seek to recoup about $1.1 million in alleged debt, ranging from $555 to $9,970 per lawsuit, according to a WPR/Wisconsin Watch analysis of filings in small claims court. At least eight defendants this year filed for bankruptcy, the analysis found.

Read more:

Columbus, Ohio, police officer fatally shoots unarmed Black man

People hold up signs in Columbus, Ohio, during a Dec. 11 march for Casey Goodson Jr., a 23-year-old Black man, who was shot and killed by law enforcement. Photo: Stephen Zenner/AFP via Getty Images

A Columbus, Ohio, police officer was relieved of duty following the fatal shooting of a 47-year-old Black man Tuesday during which he did not activate his body camera, Mayor Andrew Ginther (D) announced.

Why it matters: The shooting of the unnamed man comes after the Dec. 4 death of Casey Goodson, Jr., a 23-year-old Black man who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy, which triggered protests against police brutality.

"Our community is still raw and exhausted from the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and, most recently, Casey Goodson, Jr., right here in Columbus."
— Ginther statement

Details: Ginther said during a briefing the police body cameras contain a 60-second "look-back" feature, which means the shooting was captured before the officer turned on his camera following the incident. But this does not record audio.

  • "The officer involved has been relieved of duty, requiring him to turn in his badge and gun and stripping him of police powers pending the outcome of the criminal and subsequent internal investigations," Ginther said in a social media post.
  • The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the matter.
  • Neither the police officer nor the man who died have been publicly identified.

What they're saying: Police said in a statement officers were called out to a non-emergency disturbance 1:37 a.m. Tuesday about a man in an SUV that had been turned on and off multiple times. 

  • The officer opened fire when the man approached them with a phone in his left hand and his right hand in his pocket, per the statement. "A weapon was not recovered from the scene," the statement said.
  • Columbus City Council said in a statement Tuesday, "The compounding heartbreak of learning an unarmed Black man was killed last night by a Columbus police officer is beyond description.
"Thoughts and prayers cannot soothe this pain, and the members of Columbus City Council are beyond frustrated at this senseless death. Too many families in our community are mourning at a time when we should be seeking peace and hope."

Update: Mack, Ramgeet sentences reduced to 2 months

Trump announces 15 pardons, including 2 people part of the Russia probe

Trump Demands Congress Increase Covid-19 Stimulus Checks from $600 to $2,000

Christmas gifts from the VP

From Vox Popoli:

CodeMonkeyZ reports that President Trump is giving the 7 States in contention one more chance to clean up their fraud and get their State in order.

Dec 24: Pence is expected to tell state legislatures with dueling electors to immediately address the contention in their states to a resolution. States may: split electors, certify contested electors, conduct forensic studies, etc.

Jan 6: Not resolved? Throw out their electors.

And if a State doesn't like it, then it can go complain to the Supreme Court. Where it doesn't have standing anymore.


Let's Face It: Your Government Hates And Despises You

 Seriously, they do.

Last night Governor Lee took to the lectern to, well... lecture.

Covid-19 is raging, he says.  True.

But notice what's not "raging" -- the flu.  In fact, Covid-19 has apparently vanquished the flu, consuming it.  Indeed, since September only 666 cases of the flu have been recorded anywhere in the United States and just slightly more than one instance per state last week.

If you believe that's anything close to reality you need a lobotomy.

There are only two reasonable hypothesis on that: Covid-19 wasn't really -19 at all; in 2018, I remind you, hospitals were full to the top with flu patients yet we were not locking down and wagging our fingers, nor was anyone wearing a mask.  Wait -- they were treating people in tents in 2018?  Why yes, yes they were - in January of 2018..

This of course implies that either Covid "19" was actually around for the last several years and simply called flu or we're ignoring the flu.

Read more:

Hospital Workers Turn Down COVID Vaccine: "There's Too Much Mistrust"

From ZeroHedge:

Tyler Durden's Photo
WEDNESDAY, DEC 23, 2020 - 4:11

Less than a week after we reported on widespread resistance among healthcare workers in one Chicago hospital,'s Ayla Ellison reports that the virus of vaccine mistrust is spreading...

Many employees at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C., have reservations about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and CEO Anita Jenkins is trying to get workers to follow her lead by getting vaccinated, according to CNN

The hospital, a major healthcare provider for the Black community, received 725 doses of the Pfizer vaccine Dec. 15 and expects to receive a second shipment this week. As of Dec. 18, only about 600 of the hospital's 1,900 employees had signed up for the shots, according to Kaiser Health News

"There is a high level of mistrust and I get it," Ms. Jenkins told Kaiser Health News.

"People are genuinely afraid of the vaccine."

The vaccination numbers, though low, still exceeded expectations, Ms. Jenkins told CNN. An internal hospital survey of about 350 employees in early November showed that 70 percent were not willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine or would not take it immediately after it became available. 

Ms. Jenkins received the shot Dec. 15 in hopes of inspiring staff to get vaccinated. She's part of a widespread effort by healthcare experts and community leaders to combat vaccine hesitancy among Black Americans. About 35 percent of Black Americans said they probably or definitely would not get the vaccine if it was determined to be safe by scientists and widely available for free, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study cited by CNN

Howard University Hospital isn't the only healthcare provider with workers who turned down the vaccine.

At Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas, so many workers declined the COVID-19 vaccine that the hospital offered doses to other medical workers in the region, according to ProPublica.

The hospital received 5,850 doses of the vaccine, and it quickly became clear that not enough people eligible for the vaccine, like staff who work directly with COVID-19 patients, were opting to get it, DHR Health CMO Robert Martinez, MD, told ProPublica.  

"You start to see similar numbers across the country, all this mistrust and misinformation," Dr. Martinez said.

After the first day of distribution, DHR reached out to other hospitals and healthcare facilities in the region to offer doses of the vaccine. ProPublica reported that the vaccine ended up going to non-medical personnel as well, including state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. He told ProPublica he was invited to take the vaccine by DHR after officials explained to him that all eligible workers who wanted the vaccine received it. 

In short, as we noted previously, nobody wants to be a guinea pig.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

See what Dr. Fauci had to say right before receiving vaccine

Pelosi Says More Covid-19 Relief Needed After Trump Signs Current Stimulus

Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch 🐭 Cat TV - 4 hours in 4k - No Ads!

Top US senator, wife with China ties; 3% votes shifted to Dems: analyst | NTD News Highlights

Texas doctor warns vaccine won’t make pandemic disappear right away

Vaccine Will Be Effective Against New Strain Of COVID-19, Doctor Says | TODAY

We Persevered This Year @NASA – December 21, 2020

What scientists have learned about mummified wolf pup from the ice age

Kylie Jenner ATTACKED By Animal Rights Activists!

Kenosha woman stabbed over 18 times in her home, saved by roommate

Group gifts 69 beds to ‘kids who don’t have them’

Thailand Covid cases soar after market outbreak! Phuket goes to the polls! || Thailand News

Call Between Alexey Navalny and FSB Officer Konstantin Kudryavtsev [English Subtitles]

Some White House advisers fear Trump's final days

Stimulus checks to arrive as soon as next week

Dozens Of West Point Cadets Accused Of Cheating On A Math Exam | NBC Nightly News

Former FDA chief Gotlieb on new Covid strain: Eventually will have to update vaccines

What Some Black Voters Are Hoping To See From A Biden Presidency

Henrico mom celebrates as Congress set to end surprise medical bills: 'It's the right thing to do'

Atlantic City's Revenge: Blowing Up Trump's Casino For Charity | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Oregon one-day special session met with protestors

New coronavirus variant linked to surge in United Kingdom

Newsom Says Stay-At-Home Order Expected To Be Extended

Trump floats appointing Sidney Powell, lawyer who promoted conspiracy theories, as special counsel

House overwhelmingly passes $900B relief package

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Policing the Police (full film) | FRONTLINE

U.K. imposes fresh restrictions to quell new Covid strain

Chinese capsule returns to Earth, moon rocks handed to research teams | World News

The Beatles: Get Back - A Sneak Peek from Peter Jackson

Wanted man with ties to Racine, Mexico, facing 10 years to life

UK new coronavirus variant “out of control” as countries announce travel bans - BBC News

Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine To Begin Shipping To 4,000 Communities | TODAY

Secretary Pompeo: Russia is "pretty clearly" behind hack of U.S. government agencies

New Eruption Begins At Kilauea Volcano (Dec. 21, 2020)

Several European nations halt UK flights over new COVID strain

US coronavirus: $1 trillion stimulus deal reached by Congress | ABC News

Talking Racine Episode 205 Did Your Property Taxes go Up?

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