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Nearly 40% of Marines have declined Covid-19 vaccine

Washington (CNN)Nearly 40% of US Marines are declining Covid-19 vaccinations, according to data provided to CNN on Friday by the service, the first branch to disclose service-wide numbers on acceptance and declination.

As of Thursday, approximately 75,500 Marines have received vaccines, including fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated service men and women. About 48,000 Marines have chosen not to receive vaccines, for a declination rate of 38.9%.
CNN has reached out to the other services for acceptance and declination rates.
    The corresponding acceptance rate for vaccinations among Marines -- 61.1% -- is not far off the military estimate of two-thirds, or about 66%.

    CDC: 1 in 5 Americans are fully vaccinated

    After Data Breach Exposes 530 Million, Facebook Says It Will Not Notify Users

    The leaked data includes personal information from 533 million Facebook users in106 countries.

    Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

    Facebook decided not to notify over 530 million of its users whose personal data was lifted in a breach sometime before August 2019 and was recently made available in a public database. Facebook also has no plans to do so, a spokesperson said.

    Phone numbers, full names, locations, some email addresses, and other details from user profiles were posted to an amateur hacking forum on Saturday, Business Insider reported last week.

    The leaked data includes personal information from 533 million Facebook users in 106 countries.

    In response to the reporting, Facebook said in a blog post on Tuesday that "malicious actors" had scraped the data by exploiting a vulnerability in a now-defunct feature on the platform that allowed users to find each other by phone number.

    The social media company said it found and fixed the issue in August 2019 and its confident the same route can no longer be used to scrape that data. 

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    I've said from the start that Facebook is the work of the devil.  As it dictates more and more to us, you will comply. 

    Amazon workers in US state of Alabama vote against forming a union

    Belfast violence: What’s caused unrest in Northern Ireland? - BBC Newsnight

    Prince Philip, the Queen's husband and the Duke of Edinburgh, dies aged 99

    Bryan mass shooting: DPS Trooper shot identified

    Ship Strike Blamed for Killing 1 of 4 Whales Found Dead in the Bay Area in Just Over a Week

    NASA prepares for flight of Mars helicopte

    Rep. Matt Gaetz Associate Working Toward Plea Deal

    BU to require students to get vaccinated

    Biden administration defense spending proposal

    Renée Graham: An ‘Entire System’ Is On Trial With Derek Chauvin | The Last Word | MSNBC

    Some Metro Detroit restaurants close, others stay open after Governor's recommendation

    President Biden announces study of Supreme Court seats

    Open Blog - Weekend

    Please do. 

    Friday, April 9, 2021

    Lung expert testified George Floyd died of lack of oxygen while Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck

    More than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases reported Thursday

    From WISN12ABC:

    Booster shot protecting against COVID-19 variants could be ready by year’s end: Moderna

    Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and tests sold on the black market

    Experts Discuss: NASA's Mars Helicopter

    Monkey MindPong

    Fed's Powell Says Uneven Vaccination Rollout Poses Risk

    Amazon workers poised to vote against unionizing

    Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies aged 99

    Rochester, Minnesota woman arrested, charged in connection to U.S. Capitol riot | FOX 9 KMSP

    Suspect Facing Hate Crime Charges In 3 Anti-Asian Attacks In Brooklyn, NYPD Says

    Marijuana advocates celebrating after Virginia votes to legalize it

    North Carolina, Denver sites halt J&J shots after adverse reactions

    Pence Signs a Book Deal, Gaetz Never Paid for Sex & MyPillow Mike’s $65 Million Problem

    CDC: More people in their 30s, 40s hospitalized with severe COVID-19

    Biden Announces Executive Actions to Curb Gun Violence

    Pulmonologist's Testimony Could Prove Devastating For Derek Chauvin's Defense Team

    'My kids deserve to eat': Wisconsin officials fail to get food assistance to thousands of poor children

    From JSOnline:
    Patrick MarleyMolly Beck
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    MADISON - Wisconsin has failed to send food assistance to tens of thousands of poor children who are supposed to be getting extra help because they have been learning at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Under a federal program created last spring, the families of students who qualify for subsidized meals in Wisconsin schools are supposed to receive $6.82 to cover food for every day their children are not in school buildings and are instead learning virtually.

    That amounts to about $1,250 for the school year for students who are attending school entirely virtually. 

    But tens of thousands of students haven't gotten their benefits because the state Department of Public Instruction didn't collect the addresses of all students. It also has not determined whether nearly 500 schools are holding classes virtually — even though the state promised to do so months ago. 

    The state doesn't have addresses for about 78,500 students who may be eligible for the program. It's unclear how many of them qualify for benefits because it will depend on whether they have been attending school virtually.

    Sherrie Tussler, executive director of the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee, said she was frustrated state officials hadn't done more in recent months to make sure they got the aid to as many families as quickly as possible.

    "Why did we wake up one day and realize we didn't have addresses?" she asked. 

    Health Services Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk would not answer a question about why the needed information was not collected sooner during a Wednesday interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    A spokeswoman for Democratic Gov. Tony Evers said health officials are working with the Department of Public Instruction to address the issue.

    "Our administration continues working with and supporting the DPI to get the information necessary and provide assistance to folks who need it," Evers spokeswoman Britt Cudaback said by email.

    The state last week made about $46 million in food benefits available to the families of about 158,000 students, according to the state Department of Health Services. 

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    Electric currents, underwater speakers scare up invasive Asian carp in Mississippi River near La Crosse

    From JSOnline:
    Laura Schulte
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


    LA CROSSE – A fishing expedition for a highly invasive species of carp is underway in the waters of the Mississippi River. 

    Armed with underwater speakers, electrofishing technology, large boats and nets, employees from the Wisconsin and Minnesota Departments of Natural Resources are trying to find out how many carp have made their way up the river to La Crosse, and how many of them may be spawning new carp into the environment. 

    The operation so far has netted about 30 carp over the first few days of the operation, enough to establish that the fish have been able to finagle their way this far north, putting other fish and organisms in danger. 

    The effort is focused on taking on bighead, grass and silver carp, non-native species that have caused damage to ecosystems in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio river systems, and are spreading north via the Mississippi. The portion of the river in which this effort is taking place is called Pool 8. 

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    Open Blog - Friday

    Happy Friday.

    Thursday, April 8, 2021

    Is the end of the COVID pandemic on the way? Fauci urges Americans to ‘hang in there’

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies during a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on the federal coronavirus response on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 18, 2021.  AP

    Millions of Americans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 every day. Experts agree it’s the nation’s best strategy to overcome the pandemic. And it’s working.

    Infections, hospitalizations and deaths are plummeting among adults age 65 and older who were prioritized for vaccination beginning in late December. A recent report shows that new COVID-19 cases among nursing home residents have dropped by 96% since the end of last year.

    However, younger, unvaccinated people are bending downward more encouraging trends into upward more concerning ones, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Wednesday during a White House COVID-19 briefing.

    In Michigan, for example, COVID-19 hospitalizations for people in their 30s has jumped 633% since March; for people in their 40s, admissions rose by 800%. A medical center in New Jersey saw an 18% decrease in admissions of patients 70 or older and an increase of 10% among 40 to 59 year olds from January to March.

    Walensky noted that older adults who have not been vaccinated also continue to be hospitalized. “We’re still hearing stories of, ‘You know, I got my vaccine yesterday, and today I have COVID.’”

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    Lasting mental health conditions common among COVID-19 patients, study finds

    NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity: What you need to know before its first flight

    NASA engineers will try and attempt the first flight on Mars in just a few days time -- and it could change space exploration forever.

    NASA's wheeled rovers have revealed an incredible amount about Mars. From learning about the planet's wet history and discovering the chemistry of its soil, to the puzzling presence of methane in its atmosphere, the rolling robots have been indispensable in painting a picture of one of Earth's closest neighbors. They are remarkable, but they can't cover a lot of ground -- slow movement is critical to prevent them from tumbling over a cliff or colliding with a rock. 

    But imagine if they could fly. 

    Strapping a set of wings to a robot on another planet would open up a whole new way to explore other worlds. "The ability to fly wherever you want, at great speed, for a closeup view without risk of damage from collision or fall, is a thrilling capability," says Alan Duffy, a professor in astrophysics at Swinburne University in Australia. 

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    Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna diagnosed with dementia | WNT

    Amazon union push gains momentum across the US

    Canberra accepts all recommendations of sexual harassment report | SBS News

    Protesters in Belfast hijack bus and set it on fire

    UK COVID-19 variant now ‘most common lineage’ in US: CDC

    Former Dallas officer released from jail; judge rules no probable cause for capital murder charges

    "Horse Manure Media" Ron DeSantis Bashes Media Reporting

    Totally Innocent Matt Gaetz Sought Preemptive Pardon from Trump

    California research center tests COVID vaccine pills

    President Biden to announce executive action on ghost guns following the multiple mass shootings

    5 dead, including 3 adults and 2 children, after mass shooting in Rock Hill

    Today's testimony in Derek Chauvin trial was offensive and irrelevant: Civil rights attorney

    Biden: Willing to Negotiate Over 28% Corporate Tax Rate

    Citing Jill Underly's support from Democrats and unions, top Republican Robin Vos vows to block increased DPI funding

    From JSOnline:
    Molly Beck
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    One of the most influential lawmakers over the state budgeting process said he wouldn't support increasing funding for the state education agency because its new leader elected Tuesday was heavily backed by Democrats and teachers unions. 

    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, made the statement just an hour after Pecatonica School District Superintendent Jill Underly was elected state schools superintendent, a position that oversees the state Department of Public Instruction.

    Vos went to war with Underly immediately after her election after outside spending fueled by Democratic groups set a record for state superintendent races, which are supposed to be nonpartisan but aren't as more political groups spend to back candidates and state parties promote them. 

    "... the teachers union owns the DPI; not the parents or the students or the taxpayers. Count me as someone who isn't going to support putting another nickel into this unaccountable state bureaucracy," Vos tweeted on Tuesday, an hour after the Associated Press called the race for Underly over former Brown Deer School District Superintendent Deb Kerr.

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    Timing of Supreme Court ruling ending Evers health order cost Wisconsin millions in food assistance

    From JSOnline:
    Molly Beck
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Wisconsin will lose tens of millions in food assistance for the month of May following a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling eliminating the state's public health emergency declaration.

    If the ruling had been made a day later, the funding would have been preserved, according to the Department of Health Services.

    "Because the Wisconsin State Supreme Court chose to rule March 31 and not in April, families will not receive their emergency FoodShare allotments for May.... and each month thereafter, leaving tens of thousands of families without access to much-needed nutritious foods," DHS spokeswoman Elizabeth Goodsitt said.

    Whether the additional funding for Wisconsin's food stamp program known as FoodShare would be lost had been in question until Wednesday, when Goodsitt confirmed the money was lost for May and would be in jeopardy for the future if lawmakers do not act to enact an emergency declaration. 

    "The ripple effects of this change will be immediate and devastating for individuals, families, and entire communities," Goodsitt said.

    "Last week, UDSA announced even more funding for this emergency food program, increasing the loss that Wisconsin families are experiencing in terms of healthy food, as well as what local grocery stores are losing in revenue," Goodsitt said. "We are still working on calculating the exact dollar amount, but Wisconsin will lose millions more."

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    Rain, rain, go away.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2021

    Youth Sports, Extracurricular Activities Are Spreading Covid-19: CDC Director

    How will we live after the pandemic? | COVID-19 Special

    Racine Co. man runs coworker over with truck twice after drinking on the job: Complaint

    From TMJ4:

    Photo by: Pixaba

    BURLINGTON — A drunken argument escalated into a construction worker running a co-worker over with a pickup truck twice, Racine County prosecutors say.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Ivan Verbitsky of Mequon was charged with felonies 1st-degree recklessly endangering safety and hit and run involving injury, as well as misdemeanor disorderly conduct on Tuesday.

    Bond was set at $5,000 and requires Verbitsky to not consume or possess alcohol. If found guilty on all three charges, he could spend as many as 18 years and six months in prison.

    A criminal complaint released Tuesday states that Burlington police officers responded to a report of a man getting run over by a truck last Thursday.

    Officers found an off-duty paramedic treating the victim, who was laying on the front porch of a home. The victim told officers he was struck by Verbitsky, and the victim was then transported to the hospital, according to the complaint.

    Officers spoke with a witness, who told them she saw the incident occur. She reported that Verbitsky and the victim were arguing and pushing each other near a construction site of a new school, prosecutors say.

    The witness said that the victim entered the construction site and Verbitsky entered a white pickup truck. The victim then left the construction site holding a cinder block, and threw it to Verbitsky and the truck he was in, the complaint states.

    Verbitsky then started the truck and swerved towards the victim, striking him. Verbitsky then backed up and drove over the victim a second time, before leaving the area, the witness told police, according to the complaint.

    The victim suffered significant bruising and some lacerations. He did not have any broken bones, police say.

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    UW-Health weighs in on COVID-19 variant

    Should there be a concern over a 4th wave of COVID?

    Watch McConnell's warning to corporate America

    Filibuster: What it is, how it could affect Biden's agenda in Senate

    Things Are Going So Well for Biden, Trump Says Someone Else Must Be Running the Country

    Toddler gravely wounded in road-rage shooting on Lake Shore Drive

    California governor faces possible recall over handling of pandemic

    California aims to fully reopen by June 15

    Biden Announces All Adults Will Be Eligible For The Covid Vaccine By April 19 | NBC News NOW

    Police expert: Force used on Floyd was “excessive”

    Politicians compare Georgia's election law to Colorado after MLB All-Star Game moves to Denver

    NYT: Matt Gaetz sought preemptive pardon from Trump


     Those who took 'The Mark" are THE Experiment. Good luck happy jabbers.

    The information carrying molecule, messenger RNA, can instruct human cells ultimately in the same way as cancer drivers, playing a major role in causing cancer to thrive while inactivating natural tumor-suppressing proteins the human body creates to save you from cancer. This is the complete opposite of what the CDC and the vaccine manufactures are telling everyone right now about the Covid vaccines, and this is based on clinical research by molecular biologists at the Sloan Kettering Institute.

    Even sequencing the DNA in cancer cells doesn’t reveal these changes, that’s how sneaky the vaccines are. It’s like a Trojan horse that tells your cells to allow these changes to be made, as if they were safe, but they’re not. All assumptions being made about mRNA being ‘safe’ right now have been completely turned 180 degrees with this research. Consider this very carefully if you have not yet been vaccinated with mRNA technology, and you may want to ‘lawyer-up’ if you already got the jabs.

    The bad news about the not-vaccine: it will reportedly increase your risk of dying from cancer

    The good news about the not-vaccine: it will reportedly reduce your risk of dying from COVID-19. Probably. The bad news about the not-vaccine: it will reportedly increase your risk of dying from cancer.

    There’s a secret layer of information in your cells called messenger RNA, that’s located between DNA and proteins, that serves as a critical link. Now, in a medical shocker to the whole world of vaccine philosophy, scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe.

    So now, it’s time for independent laboratories that are not vaccine manufacturers (or hired by them) to run diagnostic testing on the Covid vaccine series and find out if these are cancer-driving inoculations that, once the series is complete, will cause cancer tumors in the vaccinated masses who have all rushed out to get the jab out of fear and propaganda influence. Welcome to the world of experimental and dirty vaccines known as mRNA “technology.”

    I have to admit, my sympathy for anyone experiencing unexpected adverse effects from the not-vaccine is pretty close to nonexistent. These aren't infants being inoculated against their will and without their knowledge or ability to resist, after all. They are adults who one would quite reasonably expect to know better than to permit themselves to be injected with untested experimental substances on the word of people with literally billions of dollars to gain from selling the injections.

    Of course, given the fact that the not-vaccine is being ruled out as a causal factor even when people literally keel over and die after being injected, we can expect that the cause of the increased number of chronic lympthocytic leukemia cases in five or ten years will remain a complete mystery to the medical and scientific communities.

    It is yet to be determined how bad this might get, but it could get very, very bad.

    Go back and read this article again.

    This risk is real and its universal with all the Covid "vaccines" currently being produced and in trials in the US.  Worse, we relied on the RNA and protein data directly from China without independent validation via Koch's postulate and our own isolation and purification of the virus itself.  Today, as you read this, that isolation, purification and confirmation via Koch's postulate in the United States has not been done.

    If you choose to accept that risk because, in your sole opinion, the risk is higher if you get The Coof than from taking this sort of vaccine, have at it.  It is my considered opinion that for virtually everyone under the age of 60, and almost without exception anyone under the age of 25 or 30 that's a very bad bet with the odds spread being nearly 100:1 against you.

    Remember, if this bet is lost there is no hiding if you took any of these vaccines.  ADE-initiated harm is extremely likely to kill; in trials when it has shown up it has been nearly 100% fatal to the animals under test.  This, by the way, is why I consider coercion by any person toward anyone to force them to take such a shot to be justification for a "Hannibal" style response out of said victim or (if they expire) their family members.

    But I want to focus today on a very important distinction between the three common EUA'd vaccines today and a couple that may show up later this year (NOT AstraZeneca's; that's the same basic technology as J&J.)  The J&J (viral vector) and two mRNA vaccines are all parlor tricks and IMHO extraordinarily dangerous.

    While mRNA and viral vector vaccines use different techniques they all suffer from the same fatal flaw; they trick your body into producing the spike protein by infecting your cells.  The literature on these vaccines states that the injection into your arm causes your arm muscle to produce these proteins.  This is a lie by omission; your muscle tissue of course is vascularized, that is, it is very highly perfused with blood flow and thus anything injected into a muscle inevitably circulates in volume through your entire body.  Said "instructions" are thus inevitably taken up by cells throughout your body until the dose is exhausted.  The instructions delivered cannot replicate but their distribution into your body is not limited to the muscle of your arm and implying that is flat-out bull****.

    The problem is that when the tricked cells produce the spike protein and thus your immune system identifies them as "defective and dangerous" it now attacks the cells.  This raises the potential for a serious or even permanent autoimmune problem; autoimmune disorders arise when your immune system goes haywire, declares your own body's cells harmful and attacks them.  Exactly why that happens is poorly understood but hijacking one's own body cells intentionally to produce a protein that you intend to be identified as dangerous and thus provoke an antibody response, on the basics of biology, appears to be criminally stupid.

    In addition the potential for serious direct damage in very bad places exists because, as noted, there is no way to confine the injection to the muscle tissue.  This is almost-certainly why there is a history of blood clotting disorders and similar showing up in some persons who get these vaccines given that the virus itself, when it kills, almost always does so via thrombosis (clotting); if the epithelium of the blood vessels winds up getting some of these instructions it is not at all difficult to understand how that can produce clotting right there when the cells becomes infested and the body reacts to it.  To be clear: That can kill you outright or do permanent harm, especially if it occurs in cardiovascular blood vessels.

    Open Blog - Wednesday

     Hey hey.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2021

    12 arrested in Polk County for child pornography

    Researchers: 40k children lost a parent to COVID

    Double mutant COVID variant found in California | Connect the Dots

    Over 165 million Americans receive at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine

    Perseverance update: Small NASA chopper survives bitter Mars cold

    Putin signs law allowing him to hold power until 2036

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Appears In Court As Corruption Trial Begins | NBC News NOW

    Biden In Easter Message: ‘That Longed-For Dawn Is Almost Here’ | NBC News NOW

    6 Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide In Allen, Alleged Suicide Note Found

    MLB stands up for Georgia voter rights, pulls All-Star Game from Atlanta

    Собака украла микрофон во время прямого эфира выпуска новостей

    Trump Complains About Cancel Culture, Wants EVERYONE Canceled

    U.S. and Iran to hold indirect negotiations this week on 2015 Iran nuclear deal

    Police chief: Derek Chauvin violated policy | WNT

    Health officials, experts concerned about a fourth wave of COVID-19

    Biden on Republican opposition to Infrastructure Plan

    Fallout continues after Georgia new voting law

    Aaron Rodgers Final Jeopardy!: "Who Wanted to Kick that Field Goal?" + Extended Postgame Chat

    After Aaron Rodgers aces first night as 'Jeopardy!' host (viral moment and all), Shailene Woodley joins him for live recap

    From JSOnline:
    Kendra Meinert
    Green Bay Press-Gazette

    Not unlike on the football field, the defining moment of Aaron Rodgers’ inaugural performance as “Jeopardy!” guest host on Monday came down to the final minutes.

    Up until then, the Green Bay Packers quarterback did a “pretty, pretty good” impersonation of Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” glided through the pronunciation of Toyama Trough and Yamato Basin, tossed in a little "arrrgh" pirate humor and dropped a “Go Bears” (no, not those Bears, the California Golden Bears), but it was his reaction to a Final Jeopardy! response that made the night.

    Returning champ Scott Shewfelt, a writer originally from Canada, opted not to take a shot at the correct answer, which was Fred Rogers, by the way, but instead go for a humorous jab at the host by writing down, “Who wanted to kick the field goal?” 

    It immediately made Rodgers laugh and then take a moment before responding. “That is a great question. Should be correct but unfortunately, for this game today, it’s incorrect," he said.

    It was a reference to the NFC championship game in January in which the Packers trailed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 8 points in the final minutes. The Packers decided to kick a field goal rather than go for it on fourth and goal. Rodgers never got the ball back and the Packers lost 31-26 at Lambeau Field.

    RELATEDWant a selfie with Aaron Rodgers? There's a new mural for that 

    RELATEDRodgers said he'd love full-time 'Jeopardy!' hosting gig; 5 things to know before his first show

    That viral curveball aside, Rodgers’ first episode of 10 filling in for the late Alex Trebek was as smooth as his slicked-back hair. There were no noticeable stumbles. He seemed at ease. He was trigger-quick with “no” when a response was incorrect. He dutifully chatted up one contestant about playing in a Celtic band and another about taking the online “Jeopardy!” test in the middle of a concert.

    Read and see more:

    Concern rises over COVID-19 variant as 16 young children infected in Dane County child care center outbreak

    From JSOnline:

    Sophie Carson
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    An outbreak of a contagious COVID-19 variant at a Dane County child care center has infected 35 people, including 16 children and five child care workers, the county health department said.

    The B.1.1.7 variant, which was first identified in the United Kingdom, has been found in cases associated with the center, according to Public Health Madison and Dane County.

    The virus spread quickly among children, family members and workers, the health department said. All the children who tested positive are 6 years old or younger.

    “This is an important reminder that we must all continue to take precautions," health department director Janel Heinrich said in a statement.

    Fourteen family members of children and workers are among the 35 people who have tested positive.

    "Most of the children associated with the outbreak had very mild symptoms," the health department said in a news release.

    Read more:

    Woman angry at Burger King wait climbs into drive-through to shoot at employees

    Open Blog - Tuesday

    Another warm one.

    Monday, April 5, 2021

    4.0-magnitude earthquake in California

    Cook County officials warn of tightened restrictions amid COVID-19 case spike

    From WGN:

    COOK COUNTY, Ill. – Cook County Public Health officials are warning residents that additional coronavirus restrictions could return in a matter of days as case numbers and other key measures continue to rise.  

    The threat could mean restaurants in the city and the suburbs would once again be dealing with reduced capacities and limitations. A decision about new restrictions is expected in the coming days.

    Business owner Pat Fowler told WGN it was business as usual Sunday for his popular Evanston-area restaurant, Firehouse Grill. A 60-degree sunny day brought a steady stream of customers to the outdoor patio.   

    “We’ve been totally full outside all day, so that’s been great and people are excited to be out,” he said. “It’s super nice weather and people are enjoying themselves.”

    But just as Illinois restaurants and businesses are bouncing back from months of restrictions amid a growing number of people getting vaccinated, health officials warn of a possible ‘third wave’ of COVID-19.

    The possibility is alarming for Fowler.

    “It’s always disappointing to hear more restrictions might be placed on us, but for us, the health and safety of our employees and our customers is the most important thing to me,” Fowler said. “So, if that’s what we need to do to put an end to this pandemic, we’re more than happy to do it.”

    Read more: