Saturday, July 4, 2015

"Students build new home for school custodian who lost house in fire"

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Do-It-Yourself Vehicle Repair

BUMPED, for reasons stated below:

Originally published on 7/2/15, 5:33 PM

Now that's the original size of the image, just for science, to better calculate the size of the nuts. Actually, I hardly even look at them.

"Good idea"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

I'd pay heed.

Open Blog - Independence Day Weekend

Enjoy and stay safe!

Friday, July 3, 2015

"Letter to the Editor: Support Hospitality Center’s Conditional Use Permit"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Community, Letter to the editor · July 2, 2015

Credit - Racine County Eye

"**Editor’s Note: The letter to the editor was submitted by Hospitality Center volunteer Leif Peterson."

"The Hospitality Center met with city officials. An application to amend the Conditional Use Permit that reflects current experience was submitted to allow RACINE’S LARGEST MEAL PROGRAM to continue to feed all of our hungry friends.

"In a city with the states’s highest unemployment rate, we have a lot of hungry people. The Hospitality Center’s program has grown to meet the needs of those who are hungry, and in need of a friend. We are responding to what we believe by God we are called to do.

"Our updated Conditional Use Permit has to be approved by the city for us to be able to continue feeding our hungry brothers and sisters.


"Help the hungry! We hope you will speak and/or stand in support of the Hospitality Center (RACINE’S LARGEST MEAL PROGRAM) at City Hall on July 29th at 4:15 p.m.

"We also hope you will voice your support directly to the members of Racine’s Plan Commission. They need to hear your voices before the meeting, so they understand the will of the voting public.

"John Dickert – Mayor

"Melvin Hargrove

"Molly Hall

"Tony Veranth

"Tom Durkin

"Dennis Wiser

"Tom Durkin

"Vincent Esqueda

"Thank you for helping!

"Leif Peterson
Elmwood Park"

Read more:

Open Blog - Friday

Who doesn't love Fridays?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

"People Of Racine County Eye: Racine Street Lemonade Stand A Success"

From Racine County Eye:

By Denise Lockwood in Business, Community · July 2, 2015

"When Sandra Maldonado-Bonilla’s children, six-year-old Rita and seven-year-old Misael Bonilla wanted to go see the Disney movie Inside Out, she told them that they would need to raise their own money to go.

"But then Misael came up with an idea: Why not sell Kool-Aid and lemonade at a stand in front of their house for a few days and see if they can raise the money to go. They didn’t realize what kind of response they would get from the community."

Read more:

We used to have Kool-Aid stands, too.  I think it was 5 or 10 cents a glass.  Damn inflation.

Extraterrestrials Beware!

The OrbsCorbs Nation has it's eyes on you.

"'1984' BIG BROTHER and Proles"

From Racine County Corruption:

"A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to serve numerous state agencies with notice of claims against their offices.   These claims were against various agencies and their agency laws that violate constitutional rights of the individual."

Read more:

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Keep the faith.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Now that's fkucing hilarious"

From LiveLeak:

"We were on a family vacation to San Antonio and stopped at Natural Bridge Caverns Wildlife Ranch on the way. As we went through the safari my husband was pretending all the animals were singing to him to get food."


Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my patriotic public!  How are you?  We’ve been a little bit cool lately, but I’m not complaining.  “They” are currently predicting 80 degrees and sunshine on the 4th of July.  So, you can be sure it’ll be 55 with freezing rain.  I hope you don’t mind my (un)friendly jabs at the National Weather Service.  I figured out they get drunk every day on the job.  That’s the only thing that explains their inaccuracies.

No matter the weather, I don’t plan on attending the parade.  Too much hoopla for me.  Junior, of course, will attend, looking at every girl along the route instead of the parade itself.  SeƱor Zanza and I plan to take it easy.  We’ll have a little cookout in the yard, weather permitting.  And that’s about it.  There’s no way I’d go to the fireworks.  Crowds bother me, while huge armies of human flesh, much of them drunk, packed like sardines into the nighttime sand, terrify me.  I love fireworks.  I also love my “personal space.”  The parade and fireworks display are for the children in all of us.  This “child” is staying home.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mayor Dickert is being the Grinch in this holiday.  He’s trying to close down the Hospitality Center in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church downtown.  Apparently, the needy aren’t part of the Ten Year Plan.  You can read more about it from Racine County Eye: With so much need and poverty throughout our city, it’s abhorrent that Mr. Mayor would try to shut down a shelter that helps because of doubtful complaints and bureaucratic BS.  Okay, off my soap box.

And back onto another one.  I’ve been aware for awhile of the plans to replace the portrait of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill with a woman of note.  Too be honest, I don’t really care if Mickey Mouse’s picture is on the money, just as long as it’s legal tender.  The other day, though, I started thinking about it and one of the notions that hit me was replace “Stonewall” Jackson on the $20 bill.  I never heard much about Hamilton’s escapades, but Mr. Jackson’s transgressions were numerous and open.  Nobody budged Mr. Stonewall unless he wanted to be budged.

Lo and behold, I discovered an editorial yesterday from The Chicago Tribune which addresses this very issue: “Editorial: Currency conversion: Harriet Tubman for the $20 bill, not the $10” -  Mr. Jackson was nasty.  A president, yes, but a nasty one.  I don’t have much feeling about which woman is used although The Chicago Tribune’s pushing for Ms. Harriet Tubman to replace Mr. Jackson is ironic, if nothing else. 

Because the 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, I believe most employees are getting off Friday for the holiday.  That makes it a three-day weekend.  I do hope that people use moderation, but the 4th of July is often an all day drunk.  There’s going to be a lot of Mojo floating around this weekend. Be careful!

I want you to be careful because I love you.  It’s really pretty simple.  I want my Irregular and regular friends to be safe and sound so that we can chat now and in future blogs.  I’m so selfish I want you to live forever.

Does a Grinch need a City Administrator?  Ask

Thank you again, my dears, for reading my blog.  I like to share the love while I still make pointed accusations.  Too bad, but the JTI won’t have a float in this year’s 4th of July parade.  Just like every other year.

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Where does the time go?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Racine Firefighters Represented at my newphews funeral in Green Bay

Both Racine and Caledonia were there along with hundreds and hundreds of firefighters, paramedics from all over the state of Wisconsin.

the procession with trucks and ambulances had to be over a mile long. They didn't have an exact count that i could fine but they knew it was well over 60+ pieces of equipment.


Open Blog - Tuesday

Don't try to confuse me, Tuesday.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Don’t work – don’t waste your money"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

"Hey, you know me – if I find something that is a good deal, I share it with you. But this shit? I could’ve spent the money on premium porn for all the good it did me. No numbing sensation or nothin’ – all it did was make my hands and dick greasy so you know where that led…..

"And CharlieGodammit [his dog's name] dry humped my leg for 3 days afterwards. Not the company’s legs, mine. That’s unforgivable right there.

"Yeah, I’m giving this product 0 stars as it was advertised, but 3 stars for being a mild aphrodisiac and I’m taking those away as a penalty for the fucking dog jizz everywhere".

"Ladies? Is this for real?????"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

Cats and Dogs

Charlie and I are going skydiving that weekend.

"The Sloth is my Spirit Animal"

From The Lonely Libertarian :

I'm the sloth, too.

"City Of Racine residents start planting flowers in potholes in the streets throughout the city."

From Racine Community Media:

"Lakesha Washington and her team have taken to the streets themselves to draw attention to the terrible and unsafe road conditions throughout the City Of Racine. 'We started with repeated calls to the city, no one was listening. These kids out here are in danger, cars swerve to miss potholes, putting pedestrians and other drivers at high risk, Northwestern Ave. is the worst!'

"'If the city won’t do anything about it, we will do our part!'”

"Machinery Row and Rodney Blackwell hit with FRAUD & BREACH OF CONTRACT LAWSUIT!!"

From Racine Community Media:
"Racine- Another lawsuit has been filed against the Machinery Row project and Rodney Blackwell. This time it’s alleged fraud and breach of contract. Questions are now circulating as to how far Racine city officials are involved in this whole mess. Asked earlier in the week by the Racine Journal Times, both Mayor Dickert and City Administrator Tom Friedel declined to comment.

"Michael Knight claims Blackwell and Machinery Row have not delivered on financial guarantees and have falsely represented themselves. Knight said he provided extensive and ongoing services covering several hundreds of hours to the project, such as reviewing and amending tax credit applications, He claims his services on the Machinery Row project included, meeting with public officials, negotiating with public entities, and working with lenders on project financing.

"Knight is also seeking damages as determined by a trial.

"City Development Director Brian O’Connell who has been involved in a lot of the behind the scenes work for Machinery Row has just unexpectedly retired from his position as City Development Director with the city. O’Connell is now attempting to take Lisa Parham’s vacated seat on the Racine School Board."

"Kenosha County Sheriff say’s indictments are likely from city I.T. Department investigation."

From Racine Community Media:

"Kenosha County’s sheriff David Beth, called an email recovered during an investigation of the city’s computer system 'a crystal in the tip of the iceberg' of illegal activity, and he predicted various city employees will be indicted.

"Sheriff David Beth made the remarks in an address to the Kenosha Joint Services Board, the Kenosha News reported

"Sheriff Beth’s department is not involved in the investigation, which is being handled by the FBI, the state division of criminal investigations and the Racine County Sheriff’s Department.

"Read more at the link below."