Saturday, November 25, 2017

"Report cites Racine as fourth worst city for blacks"

"RACINE — Racine was named the fourth worst city in the nation for black people to live, according to a recent 24/7 Wall St. article.

"While Racine’s high placement on the Delaware-based financial news and opinion company’s article may surprise some residents, it brings attention to a topic gaining both national and local attention — racial inequality and possible solutions.

"'As somebody who’s been working in this community for 20 years, I’ve always known that those disparities exist,' Racine Mayor Cory Mason said. 'Anybody who lives here, anybody who’s done work in this community would be able to tell you that those disparities are real and there’s a lot of work to do to address them.'

"Although the Rev. Melvin Hargrove was not surprised by the recent article’s findings, he was surprised Racine was placed so high on this list. "'I was surprised we were listed as fourth in the nation' said Hargrove. 'I never try to run to race first. I’ve always said I love Racine — I love my city, but there are still some issues we have to face as people of color.'"

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Wow.  Fourth in the nation.

I'm white.  I have said this for years.  As soon as I returned to Racine, from living in Chicago, I noticed it.  They're still fighting the Civil War around here.  Racism is Racine's middle name.  Thje pigs are still in power.

If Mason has noticed this for twenty years, why hasn't he said or done anything about it?  Lying liar.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Four for Fridays!

I am really sorry about not posting the Four for Fridays. I woke up and thanks to Drew being sick last week guess who has his cold yes me. I have just be laying on the couch trying to get better and I called the doctor to send some meds to the pharmacy for me.

I am hoping to be better next week so I can post for you and go around and see what beautiful Christmas decorations I can find to share with everyone.

"More GOP Scandal!"


Allegations Don't Matter, Even If True

Alabama Pastor Earl Wise told the Boston Globe that he would back Moore even if sexual assault allegations were true.

The Boston Globe interviewed nearly 10 evangelical pastors, all of whom said the allegations did not change their support for the candidate.

"There are some 14-year-olds, who, the way they look, could pass for 20,” said Wise.

Evangelical Values: Moore dated Teenagers for their "Purity"

A pastor this week defended GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore for pursuing "younger ladies," following accusations that Moore harassed and assaulted teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

Pastor Flip Benham, who appeared alongside other anti-abortion advocates at a press conference with Moore last week, suggested Monday on an Alabama radio show that there was nothing wrong with dating younger women, saying that Moore never did so without their parents' permission.

"Push Back"

Dear Village Board -

Some Communities don't allow mega-Corporations to destroy their sustainable environment.

A small Michigan township is making a stand against Nestle, temporarily blocking the company from pumping millions of gallons of groundwater for bottled water. Citizens near Evart, Michigan became outraged when Nestlé proposed to build even larger pipelines to increase the flow of water to its plant in Standwood. Global News CA details the local resistance to Nestlé’s proposed expansion to collect even more ground water:

It is time for MTP to do the same - and JUST SAY NO! to Foxconn.
Mr. Terry Gou - Foxconn CEO -  Concerned MTP Residents don't want your polluting manufacturing facility or wage slave labor in our Community.

Please - look elsewhere.

Tim & Cindy

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Squashed and Basted"

From the Shepherd Express:

November 22, 2017
2:54 PM

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So yeah, I guess it’s that time of year when only an experienced woodsman knows the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts: Beer nuts are about a dollar-fifty, and deer nuts are under a buck. Ba-ding! (That one never fails to put the guys in the mood for a night of beer-bingeing after a long day outdoors shooting at each other, what the fock.)

And speaking of “that time of year,” I suppose I could blather on about things I’m thankful for, but believe me you, my platter’s pretty gosh darn light on that kind of fare this year. But I can be thankful that I never had to hear myself say, “But she told me she was 18, your honor. I swear,” and I’m thankful that presently I am not serving hard time with no chance for parole.

And I’m thankful for a loyal reader/fan I’ll call “Ingrid/Mae,” who per occasion sends to me a most fan-focking-tastically designed and scripted card that never fails to indirectly remind me that the problems of one little schmo with the initials of A.K. don’t amount to hill of beans in this crazy world, what the fock. So here’s looking at you, kid. Thanks.

I got to tell you’s I’m a tad torn about what kind of essay I ought to slap together here, this being the Thanksgiving week. Naturally, I feel like blowing the whole damn thing off ’cause that’s the kind of guy I am. Besides, I’d hate to think that people might be reading my essay instead of using that time to be actively engaged with their families, friends and assorted hangers-on of whom they may hobnob with but once a year come the holidays.

And then there are those of you’s who see the focking family every time you turn around and have just about had it up to here with that crowd. Yes, you would welcome any excuse at all for a little private time, even if that means having to lock yourself in the commode, sit on the crapper and peruse my essay, ain’a?

Which reminds me to suggest that wherever you may go for this holiday, besides perhaps bringing a dish to share, do not forget to pack a piece ala concealed-carry protection in the event some in-law at a get-together has too much eggnog, gets a little cranky and all of a sudden whips out a heater and wants to blow your head clean off ’cause he just remembered you didn’t come by to lend a hand and help take the focking pier out up at his crappy cottage by Crivitz last Labor Day.

So, I got to go but here’s the least I can do for some of you: For those of you who read this before trotting off to your Thanksgiving obligations, let me give you a little something you can take along and share at your gathering so you don’t show up empty-handed like some kind of freeloading fockstick. If you’re too damn lazy to bring a dish or gallon of bourbon, a humorous story would be a nice alternative, you betcha.

So this young Ivy Leaguer from the city goes down South to visit a distant great-uncle on his farm. For the first few days, the uncle shows him the usual things—chickens, hogs, the cotton crop. After three days, it was obvious that the nephew was bored on his ass, and the uncle was running out of things to amuse him with. The uncle has an idea: “Listen son, why don’t you grab a gun, take the dogs and go shooting?” This cheers the nephew up and off he goes with the dogs. Couple, three hours later, the nephew returns. Uncle says, “So, y’all have a good time?” Nephew says, “Absolutely great! Hey, got any more dogs?” Ba-ding!

And in conclusion, let me say that wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving holiday, god speed and remember to fight the good fight ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sweet rolls!  How are you?  I'm fine.  Better than fine, even.  Senor Zanza and Junior have promised to make us a luxurious Thanksgiving meal.  I don't have to do anything (except, perhaps, clean up the mess afterwards)..I love turkey, so they better make a good-sized one.  I love all the trimmings, too, so they should be working in the kitchen from 5 AM on.  Provided that they don't burn the house down, I think I'll just sleep in tomorrow.  I have no interest in the parades on TV.  Heck, I have no interest in the live thing. 

The Packers lost last week against Baltimore.  This Saturday night they're scheduled to play against Pittsburgh.  Bring out the meat wagon.  I wonder how many injuries we can rack up in this one.

This week's standings in the Irregular Football League:

I'd hex you all, but you're my friends.

President Bozo continued to put on a good show.  Next time, let's elect Dancing With The Stars president.  Donald just puts out fires with half-truths, confusing everyone.  Then it's on to the next inferno.  Talk about flip-flopping, Donald is like a fish out of water, all water.  After a year, and countless resignations and forced firings, I can't think of anything Donald has done for us except confuse North Korea, just like us.  I think that Kim Jong Un is completely baffled by a president that can sling the horseshit as well as he.  So, Kim Jong Un, bring it, or STFU.  He's like a tick that's burrowed under your skin and now you have to burn him out.  You decide who "he" is.

Mayor Mason completely surprised me by keeping his campaign promise to veto the Events Center.  Apparently the Common Council has the votes to override this veto, so it's all part of the political game show.  My God, Racine, start building a travel tube from here to the Foxconn site, like they have on Futurama, NOW!  We don't want to be left behind Kenosha again, especially in our own county.  Some skillfully placed Transporter Pods could help immensely, too.  Stop diddling around with the few blocks in drunk downtown and head out west, young man, head out west!

I love you all, my dears, each and every one.  Thank you so much for reading my blog.  Sometimes I can't even stand it.

Get out and enjoy whatever sunshine you can, like today.  I get sick of the gray days piling up like so much deadwood.  Have fun.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  And give thanks.
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Another one bites the dust: David Cassidy Dies

This is what alcoholism and kidney failure can do to a person. 

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"Uber is working on tools to fight motion sickness in self-driving cars"

Light, rushing air and vibrating seats might keep you well.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

"Motion sickness is a real problem in self-driving cars. As you're not in control of where the car is going, you might feel queasy when the vehicle moves in ways you weren't anticipating. Uber clearly needs to minimize that urge to hurl if it's going to create an autonomous fleet -- and accordingly, it's exploring technology that could make you feel at ease. It's applying for a patent on a raft of technologies that would counter motion sickness by stimulating your senses as the car moves, distracting your brain.

"Light bars and screens could signal the car's intentions, giving your mind a chance to prepare for that upcoming turn. Alternately, your seat could twist in response to turns, or vibrate during braking. It could even blast you with air at varying directions and speeds to provide continuous stimulation that takes your attention away from the car's pitching and bobbing.

"This is just a patent application, and there's no guarantee that any of it will be implemented in future robotic cars. The Guardian notes that some techniques work more effectively than others: air may be a viable option, while a vibrating seat might not do much at all. With that said, Uber has a strong incentive to implement some kind of anti-sickness measure. Even if only a fraction of customers toss their cookies, that could represent a lot of lost business -- whatever Uber pays to keep your stomach settled could easily pay for itself through more rides."


I wonder if self-driving cars do better than some of the idiots I've seen out there.  Self-driving cars don't shave while they're driving.  They don't read books or newspapers.  They don't text.  They just concentrate on driving.  And still they get into accidents.  

"That ‘harmless’ radioactive cloud over Europe probably did come from Russia after all"

A city near the Ural Mountains in Russia that is increasingly looking like the origin of the radioactive cloud released in September. (David Filipov/The Washington Post.)

"BERLIN — Remember that harmless radioactive cloud that mysteriously drifted across Europe back in September? Turns out it may indeed have come from Russia after all where it had radioactivity about 1,000 times higher than normal levels. Experts emphasized on Tuesday that the unusually high levels may still have been harmless.

"What remains a mystery, however, is what produced this cloud, with the most likely culprit, a serial offender of a nuclear reprocessing plant, still denying any connection.

"It was Austria that first detected unusually high levels of radiation on Oct. 3, with Germany confirming them the next day. Over the next two weeks the levels went up and down and finally faded away over a vast swath of the continent.

"France’s Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety calmed fears earlier this month, saying that the cloud of radioactive isotopes — Ruthenium-106 — had posed no health hazards. But the French researchers remained baffled by the cloud’s origins and over the next few weeks, they calculated that it most likely came from deep inside Russia. Germany's governmental Agency for Radiation Protection came to the same conclusion.

"At the time, Russian authorities denied the existence of a leak and the state-owned Rosatom corporation said there had been no leaks in any of its plants and no unusual levels of radioactivity in the area."

Read more:

Damn dirty dealers!

"Operating under US environmental protections would be new for Foxconn"

From the Foxconn in Wisconsin series

Conservationists are raising questions about Taiwan-based Foxconn's environmental record as the electronics giant considers opening a major facility in Wisconsin.  Above, employees gather outside Foxconn's parent company in New Taipei City.
Wally Santana, Associated Press.

"A massive Foxconn Technology Group manufacturing campus in Wisconsin would test the Taiwan-based electronics giant’s willingness to meet U.S. environmental standards.
Just how tough a test it would be remains to be seen.

"The company’s proposal to bring large-scale liquid-crystal-display television manufacturing to the U.S. for the first time comes as state and federal leaders are making pollution watchdogs friendlier to business.

"As Wisconsin lawmakers wrestle with a proposed $3 billion incentive package for Foxconn, more questions are surfacing about how Wisconsin’s air and water would be protected from an influx of toxic chemicals used by the LCD industry.

"Conservation groups are also concerned about whether the Great Lakes would be harmed by withdrawals needed to quench the plant’s expected need for millions of gallons of water each day.

"Environmental advocates point to the LCD panel industry’s reported air and water pollution problems in China, where lax enforcement is attributed in part to investment partnerships between industry and government."

"Dear Village Board, and Foxconn CEO Terry Gou"

This is what is happening down at the MTP ViIllage Hall - right now!

A Message from From Village Idiot - OOPS - strike that - Village President David DeGroot - hiding behind 'anonymous" - well, maybe, but no one can be really sure... but it sure sounds like him...

Oh no, Guess what the Tide has Turned. It seems like KG’s Facebook page has posted some negative postings about Ken Otwaska, because he voted for the 2018 budget.
Ansley NobleIf Trustee Otwaska folds on the residents for a $19 MILLION dollar budget, what will happen with a $10 BILLION dollar FoxConn project. My guess is a fold on using Eminent Domain on the residents.
Ansley Noble2018 Village budget spending increased by $2.5 million with shell game accounting. The Village transfered $1.7 MILLION from the Villages fund balance and the Village wages increased by $550 thousand, looks like the Village will start the 2019 budget process with $2.2 million in the hole. Then add $2.5 million more spending for infrastructure and equipment looks like $4.7 million dollars will get paid by the businesses and residents. Looks like low income, fixed income, and families will need to cut there personal expenses to pay for even bigger local government.
How many of you believe that Ansley Noble is Really Kelly G?
Cindy Sherman – Not Your Friend and Not in Tennessee

To Foxconn CEO Terry Gou -





Giles was caught appearing to encourage Flake to run for president in 2020.

"I am not throwing smoke at you, but you are the guy -- just for fun, think about how much fun it would be -- just to be the foil, you know, and point out what an idiot this guy is," Giles said, apparently referring to Trump. "Anyway, I hope you do it."

Tim & Cindy

"Dear Village Board"

Dear Village Board,
Now MTP is calling for an "Intergovernmental oversight panel" which is simply a ruse to fool Residents into believing that something which will not actually happen - will.
It's desperation time as Fake Republicans are outed - while more false promises from incompetent soul selling Politicians are claimed to be the "Saving Grace' which will turn the bankrupt City of Racine, indeed, the whole of Racine County from the impending bankruptcy which is coming.
As Foxconn Terry Gou receives more input from concerned Residents telling him to go elsewhere - like - to another Third World Country with substandard environmental and labor protection laws - the MTP project will be abandoned. 

Scary indeed - as another TAXING AUTHORITY is being asked to be created by government decree!

Foxconn Technology Group plans to build a massive manufacturing facility on 1,198 acres east of Interstate 94, west of Highway H, north of Highway KR and south of Braun Road.

The oversight commission would be made up of four members: the Mount Pleasant village president and another elected official from the village; and the Racine County executive and another elected official from the county.

The commission could have the power to borrow money “if and when that borrowing is needed,” Marcuvitz said, with the approval of the village and county boards.

To Mr. Terry Gou - take your manufacturing facility elsewhere - outside of MTP Wisconsin - we don't want you here - or your environmental issues, slave wage labor, substandard working conditions, or taxpayer subsidies.

While Governor Scott Walker and his accomplices need to be impeached for violating the State of Wisconsin Constitution and their Oath of Office
Tim & Cindy

"Elderly couple suing police alleging excessive force after hibiscus plants mistaken for marijuana"

The Kenaf is a hibiscus plant that shows large flowers when in bloom: Wikimedia Commons

"An elderly couple in Pennsylvania is suing their insurance company and their local police after they were allegedly arrested and mistreated after their hibiscus plants were wrongly reported as marijuana plants.

"Edward Cramer, 69, and his wife Audrey, 66, from Buffalo Township, allege they were handcuffed and forced to sit in a hot police car for hours last month aft arrived looking for drugs.

"The couple are suing the Buffalo Township police and the Nationwide Insurance Company over the incident, claiming excessive force, false arrest, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional stress over the incident, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"The incident occurred after a neighbour’s tree fell onto the couple’s property in September. When a member of the insurance company came to assess the damage on the property, he took photos of the hibiscus plant and, believing them to be marijuana plants, sent them to police.

"Days later officers arrived at the couple’s home with a search warrant. Ms Cramer was half dressed when she answered the door and claims she was handcuffed and forced into a police car without being allowed to put on a pair of trousers.

"Mr Cramer repeatedly told the police the plants were hibiscus plants, indicating the blooming flowers on them, according to the complaint, FoxNews reported.

"The couple allege in the suit that sergeant Scott Hess, who was at their home, did not himself believe the plants were illegal but bagged them up with a label reading: 'tall, green, leafy, suspected marijuana plants'.

"Speaking to Channel 11, Ms Cramer said through tears: 'I was not treated as though I was a human being.'

"Describing being forced outside of her home in her underwear, she said: 'And that’s when I asked them again if I could put pants on. And he told me "no", I had to stand out on the porch,' she added.

"'Sometimes I think they look for crime where it doesn’t exist in order to justify their existence,' Mr Cramer told the channel.

"Ms Cramer said she has been suffering from emotional trauma since the incident, claiming that she does not sleep at night and she does not want to be left alone in her house."

To serve and protect.  Sue the fuck out of them.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

"Packers running back Aaron Jones faces marijuana-related charge"

(Photo: Jim Matthews/USATODAY NETWORK-Wi)

"GREEN BAY - Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones was arrested in early October and faces several charges after a traffic stop in which he admitted to smoking marijuana.

"Jones, 22, has pleaded not guilty to counts of speeding, driving without a valid license and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his system, according to Wisconsin court records. The district attorney’s office for Brown County filed charges on Oct. 2, several days before Jones made his first start against the Dallas Cowboys.

"The arrest and subsequent charges previously had been unreported. The Packers did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

"Coach Mike McCarthy said he was aware of the situation regarding Jones during his Monday morning news conference and had spoken to him about it after the incident.

"'He made a mistake,' McCarthy said."

"Charles Manson, Cult Leader Behind Tate-LaBianca Murders, Dead at 83"

Charles Manson, the notorious criminal who upended the Sixties with the Tate-LaBianca killings, has died at age 83. AP

"Charles Manson, the cult leader of the Manson family who masterminded the Tate-LaBianca killings of 1969 and one of the most reviled and fascinating figures in American pop culture, died Sunday night, CBS Los Angeles reports. He was 83. Manson had been rushed to a Bakersfield, California hospital from Corcoran State Prison earlier this month for an undisclosed medical issue
"Manson died of natural causes at Kern County hospital, according to a California Department of Corrections statement.

"A career criminal, amateur musician, enigmatic cult leader and unrepentant racist, Manson became synonymous with the dark underbelly and ominous end of the Sixties. The two-day killing spree he orchestrated in August 1969 left seven people dead and, as legend has it, sprang from his mad interpretation of the Beatles' White Album – specifically the song "Helter Skelter" – which he believed foretold a coming apocalyptic race war."

Read more:

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