Friday, October 28, 2011

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Four for Fridays after a short week...I'll be heading off the the boondocks with my lady shorty for a little R&R. Here are some questions about Halloween...

1) What was your favorite Halloween costume?

2) What was the most scariest movie you have ever seen?

3) Are you handing out Halloween candy this year?

4) Describe a favorite Halloween memory.....

Enjoy your weekend!


Beejay said...

1. I fit into my great grandmother's clothes that were stored in the attic of our farm house. I wore a velvet blazer, long brocade skirt, her lace-up boots, which a french heel and some sort of velvet hat. I was about 8.
2. Psycho....
3. Probably all of two kids will stop by. Grandma may eat it before those two get here!
4. I remember staying behind with my brother, who was dressed as a robot in a bunch of cardboard boxes, while the rest of the kids ran off screaming. We were on the porch of the old Comstock House in Milwaukee. Now there is the Comstock Nursing/Rehab center there. My poor brother was unable to navigate very well with those boxes, so I helped him off the porch. Then we ran as fast as he could...had forgotten that memory. Thanks, Drew. By the way, he had hooked up some lights to a battery and he blinked and everything! LOL.

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) I was a hobo!

2) The Exorcist!

3) No will not be here.

3) That would be taking my kids one year and my youngest daughter had the chicken pox. So I dressed her as a Dalmatian.

Anonymous said...

1) This little kid came up to our door dressed as a vampire, and his mother was escorting him around the neighborhood. She got into the act too and was in costume as a witch....I swear made up of things from Fredrick's of Hollywood. I think she had a bigger bag of candy than her kid.

2) Our 8mm home movies from the late 50's/early 60's

3) No. The kids have to grab it themselves.

4) About 40 rolls of toilet paper in the trees of the yard of the SOB that lived down the street.

Glucklich Freitag alles!

Why Not? said...

1 I was a cavewoman as a kid once, had a big plastic bone and my mom wiped cigarette ashes all over my face to make it dirty.. even sent a bag of ashes along with me to school cause they were going to have costume party.. wonder if they would have a fit now a days if you told someone they spread cigarette ashes all over your child's face.

2. The shining scared me bunches, in recent years 28 days later scared me..

3. no, but there is no trick or treating here really.. once and awhile a few kids will show up tring to get trick or treating going here, but usually not.. we always have a few pieces of candy around just in case.

4. I made a bunch of dummies and set them up on the porch, I dressed myself up just like them and when the kids would come by I would jump up and scare the pants off of them.. good fun..

kkdither said...

1. I went to a halloween party as an adult in my old pom pon uniform. Seriously don't think I could get away with that now...
2. I watched The Birds as a child. Really scared me. Ever since, I don't watch scary movies.
3. I'll hand out candy for a little bit until the bag is gone. The little kids are sooo cute. The heck with the big greedy kids.
4. Taking my own kids around the neighborhood. I sewed them some pretty cute costumes when they were little. Where did I find that energy?

Toad said...

1. Darned If I know. That was over 50 years ago.

2. I think It was "Last/First? house on the left"

3. Don't know? Alway's do, but not prepared.

4. Throwing RIPE tomato's at passing cars.

Toad said...

I should say that I DO really enjoy seeing the tiny kids. They are usually so cute. The BIG TEENS ruin It. They need to go back In the corn fields where they came from. Never thought of It until now, but they probably did come from the corn fields?

drewzepmeister said...

1) I remember my mother dressing me up as a lion one year. Complete with whiskers and all...

2) Giant Spider Invasion. Even since I've seen that movie, spiders have given me the willies...

3) Nope

4) Too many tales of debauchery to be told here-many of them involving toilet paper, soap, and ripe fruit.

OKIE said...

1. Hobo
2. The Exorcist! (Me and THB have a lot in common here).
3. Yes but last year we didn't get one kid. If I don't buy it, they will come.
4. Not going there.

Have a Great weekend!

hale-bopp said...

1. My current costume is pretty popular when I wear it...a Kwik E Mart employee.

2. I can't really say I get scared by movies. I know it's not horror, but the tension they create in Breaking Bad frequently leaves the heart racing.

3. No, haven't had a single trick or treater in six years here.

4. Well, I met this woman at a Halloween party in college and .

OrbsCorbs said...

1) My ex and I were invited to a Halloween costume party. At the last moment, I decided I didn't want to go. She went alone, saying that my costume was the Invisible Man.

2) Karloff's Frankenstein scared me the first time I saw it. I was very young. I remember watching The Birds at a theater when it first came out. I was 12 years old. It scared the poop out of me. As an adult, I don't watch many horror films.

3) No, the kids don't come trick or treating at the apartment building (nor at the last one I lived in).

4) Carving pumpkins as a kid with my mom and dad. They never heard of Halloween until they got to the US. But dad got into the act of cleaning out and carving pumpkins.

MinnesotaChick said...

1. A burnt witch
2. Has to be the original Alien
3. Oh yes!! Have the yard all decorated for Halloween.. looking forward to the kids coming around.
4. no comment..

sylvia said...

1. my ma made me the perfect angel - i think she used coat hangers to make the wings & i had the coolest tinfoil halo...
2. from hell it came (tho as an adult it's the shining hands down.)
3. not physically possible as i live above an office. i kinda miss the days in my last place where the landlords actually paid me to sit out on the porch in my hat with my cat to hand out the candy... great fun!
4. carving pumpkins & roasting seeds - many different faces & places over oh so many years...

happy samhain!